After the birth, the doctor will ask four questions, although embarrassed, but do not lie

For the vast majority of girls, pregnancy is a happy thing. Many girls are happy every day when they are pregnant, but as time goes on, it is embarrassing to find that they are pregnant.

pregnancy is better, but the experience of giving birth is really embarrassing. Nurses will check the opening of fingers at intervals to determine whether they are ready for delivery, which is really a bit unacceptable for pregnant women. Many mothers who give birth for the first time feel that everything will be OK after giving birth, but the real embarrassment is still behind.

after giving birth, the real “challenge” has just arrived. Whether it is natural or caesarean section, the harm to women’s body is not small, some female friends may have to take care for a long time to let the body recover. In order to avoid accidents, postpartum doctors will conduct inspections to understand the recovery situation.

in fact, the doctor will ask more directly, such as “did you urinate or defecate?”. For mothers to be who give birth for the first time, this kind of problem is very embarrassing.

but there’s a reason for the doctor to ask. During the production process, the pelvic floor muscle will be pulled. If the bladder has urine at this time, it’s not necessary to feel incontinence. After childbirth, if the puerpera does not want to defecate after eating, they have to worry about whether it is abnormal urination and defecation. They should explain the situation to the doctor in time and seek help.

the so-called “exhaust” means farting. Pregnant women after childbirth may not only be incontinent, but also may not exhaust. If they do not exhaust, the uterus will not contract normally, the intestines will not be active, and the food they eat will not be digested. Of course, this situation can be alleviated, such as eating more porridge and eating less foods with high starch content, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

many pregnant women have this experience: they just change their new clothes and are soon soaked in milk. It’s OK to know, but it’s embarrassing for doctors to ask this question in public.

in fact, this is also a normal phenomenon. Milk overflow indicates that there is enough milk and the baby will not go hungry. In this case, pregnant women should truthfully explain to the doctor, or use anti overflow pad, which can not only relieve embarrassment, but also prevent bacterial infection.

many doctors will ask this question about pregnant women. In fact, the embarrassment itself is not the problem, but the subsequent examination work. For caesarean section, the incision on the stomach is easy to tear or infect, but the examination is relatively convenient. For the parturients who give birth naturally, the doctor may also check the wounds in their private parts to see if there is any abnormal situation. This is very embarrassing originally, but this process may be surrounded by a group of inexperienced nurses as their learning materials, which is also unacceptable to the parturients.

the reason why doctors ask is that they want to know the physical condition of pregnant women and make follow-up recuperation plans. Therefore, even if they feel embarrassed, they should truthfully explain their situation to the doctor, because postpartum embarrassing problems are related to physical recovery. They should not think too much, let alone feel embarrassed and deliberately hide. Once they lie to the doctor, there may be a series of troubles behind. Home