After the lung is blackened, the body will appear four phenomena. If you have, quit smoking and clear the lung as soon as possible

Everyone who smokes is very aware of the harm of smoking. More people are powerless to quit smoking, not unable to quit, but unable to make up their mind. The probability of relapse is too high. After quitting for a period of time, they take it up again, so the overall number of smokers continues to rise. < / P > < p > the only difference is that there are some changes in the concept. Maybe they are still smoking, but they will pay more attention to their physical condition, understand the health of their lungs, and also worry that their lungs will be blackened. This kind of worry is normal. When smoking, the inhalation of smoke into the lungs will leave particles in the lungs. With the length of smoking, more and more particles will accumulate in the lungs The lungs turn black. < / P > < p > when you inhale, you are not satisfied with it. When you breathe deeply, you feel heavy in your chest, and you are shortness of breath. After a little exercise, you will feel shortness of breath. It’s hard to breathe in and out of the circulation, short of breath, and faint tingling. This is the lung problems, we must adjust in time. < / P > < p > the simplest test of vital capacity is to prepare a basin of water at home. Normal people can hold their breath for about 45 seconds, those with strong lung power can hold it for more than 1 minute, and those with special constitution can hold it for nearly 3 minutes. People who smoke for a long time will hold their breath for a short time, and their head will buzz after holding their breath, which needs to recover slowly. < / P > < p > it is a method to measure vital capacity by holding one’s breath. There is another method that can not only exercise, but also test whether one’s lung is normal. Climbing stairs and breathing evenly on the fifth floor indicate that it is OK. If you just climb the third floor, you need to stop to rest. If you have shortness of breath, you need to rest for half a day. At this time, you should pay attention to the condition of your lungs. < / P > < p > when smoking, coughing is still smoking. This is a situation of many smokers. In fact, the message of coughing is that the lung has turned black, because there are viruses in the lung. If there are too many tiny impurities, it will cough. The lung can’t discharge toxins in time. Other organs of the body take over the lung function and cough to discharge toxins in the lung In this case, the accumulation of a certain amount of toxins in the lung will be like this, cough can only discharge a small part, play a role in alleviating, if this happens, cough does not stop, quit it! < / P > < p > when the lung accumulates too much toxin, it will be discharged in many ways. The way is through blood circulation, and it goes to all parts of the body. Those who stay up late are more likely to appear on the face, such as yellow face, black eyes, heavy bags under the eyes, and so on. It is obvious that the lungs are sending signals to me, so pay more attention. < / P > < p > some cases are relatively minor, and we can’t pay attention to them at ordinary times, so we should pay more attention to the lung nourishing methods. By artificially reducing the accumulation of toxins in the lung, we can drink more water at ordinary times. When drinking water, we can add < / P > < p > and choose the appropriate method according to our own situation. The most simple and effective method is drinking water, which is made by grinding several lung clearing materials Sea, chrysanthemum, Siraitia grosvenorii, tangerine peel, etc. can all play the role of moistening the lung and nourishing the lung. You can click the link below and start directly to maintain your lung. < / P > < p > smoking is the most useless habit, and smoking is harmful to others and yourself, your body, people around you, and your family members. For those who smoke for a long time, you must see clearly some of the situations described above, and carefully observe whether your body is or has been in a similar situation, if any It means that your lung has turned black, so we’d better quit smoking in time and as soon as possible. After all, our health problem is the problem that needs attention. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore