After the rich family daughter became pregnant, she was overweight, but now she has lost half of herself, which is still questioned by many people

Since ancient times, it has become a normal phenomenon and custom for women to get married and have children. As a woman, everyone wants to have a crystal of love with the people they love. Women who conceive in October also suffer a lot, not only from psychological changes, but also from their bodies.

and he Chaoying, the daughter of gambling king, is the same after she married love. When she became pregnant, her figure was seriously out of shape. Almost every time she appeared in front of the public, it was like another person had changed a lot. Not long ago, she showed a picture of her weight loss on the social platform, which made people feel that a woman’s body must keep its original appearance.

obesity, for a woman, will naturally be questioned by the outside world, even women are no exception. It seems that the society is too strict for them, which leads to such a situation, and they not only have to bear the vision of the outside world, but also bear the psychological pain. He Chaoying is the same. During her pregnancy, she was photographed many times by the media that she was overweight, and even walking was inconvenient. But they have the ability to eat back in their hearts, so their bodies can be managed well.

many people will say that fat people are potential stocks. Once they lose weight successfully, they are all great beauties. There are many examples to prove the truth of this sentence, and weight loss for girls is very painful, because on this road don’t eat too much pain, flow too much sweat, but many people say that after all, it is their own to eat back, and they face all this is to bear alone. Have the ability to eat back, also have the ability to pick up, this is a girl’s real capital, isn’t it?

on the short video platform, there is such a couple. The boy is tall and handsome, while his wife is overweight. Many netizens say that they are not a good match. But they are still against the rumors of the outside world, came together, because the two started together, the girl is very thin. No one knows why it turned out to be like this, but I’ve always been sure that they don’t care what the outside world says, they just want to live a good life, because others can’t live a good life instead of themselves.

what kind of marriage everyone chooses is their own idea. The way of feeling is ultimately their way. For them, the external point of view may be the driving force, but it is also a kind of pressure. When he Chaoying gave birth to a child, she began to lose weight. From her comparison, we can see that at that time, two different kinds of people, even many netizens, said that they had lost half of themselves. But netizens for their pressure, did not stop, began to comment on the body after losing weight.

there are not only sagging buttocks, pregnancy marks on the body, or small bellies, but also innumerable doubts about women after giving birth. The comments of netizens alone have made these postpartum mothers uncomfortable, which is hard to accept. The fate of a rich family is inevitable, and so is the fate of female artists, just like Zhao Liying, who participated in it some time ago. In the variety show, in her room, the audience found one thing, that is pelvic orthopedics.

I have to say that their eyes are very sharp. Everyone can pay attention to what’s in a star’s room. No matter what artists do, they are incomplete. Presumably, every mother who has given birth to a child has experienced such a thing. They spend countless nights just for the sake of their children, which is very distressing. And pregnant in October, every night not only bad rest, even postpartum have to face numerous problems. In fact, there is no difference between artists and ordinary mothers when they shed their star status.
they are more demanding than ordinary people in their pursuit of beauty. There is no doubt about this, because they want to come back after giving birth. Some people once said that giving birth is a matter for two people, but many people forget that it’s only women who have to face everything. It’s a difficult problem both psychologically and physically, and countless people can’t get over it. On the surface, the reality is very cruel, and childbearing brings more than just easy things for mothers.

when a woman is willing to have a child for a man, it means that she is really willing to go to the gate of death in addition to the pain of having a baby in October, which is a contest with life. Although today’s technology is developed, the probability of life danger is very small, but we can not deny it completely. Because children are the crystallization of love, they will also bring physical and psychological shadow to mothers. Isn’t this the reality? But they never give good luck to life.

countless female stars, most of the time they are ordinary families, the most real portrayal. Because many mothers who have given birth to children can see the hardships they have suffered and the road they have gone through. This is very realistic. As we all know, Zhao Liying is a girl, and she also has the title of “desperate Sanniang” in her career. From the beginning of running Longtao for eight years, we can see that she is a strong and brave goddess. But after having a baby, even her husband Feng Shaofeng said: “888]
this is a very real society, let alone her. In this world, countless mothers are like this. After giving birth, they begin to become sensitive, vulnerable and so on, because a careful bear a lot of pressure, even a small point can make them cry. And they can recover so well after childbirth, not only because they have money, but also because they pay more than us, using the method of fast weight loss.

or the way to get back in shape, just want to make a comeback. Countless audiences understand what they think. On this year’s mother’s day, Ella also published her experience as a mother on the social platform. There are many problems after giving birth. Sneezing, running, jumping and so on will cause her urinary incontinence. All this has affected her life and career, and now she is recovering a little bit. Women have children in this way, always have to face this or that kind of problem, it is hard to say.

no matter he Chaoying or Zhao Liying, they are just a woman. No matter how many shackles they have, as long as they have children, they will have countless problems. It’s just that they just want to bring the best to us. It’s not easy for them. They are no different from ordinary women.

and a man must take good care of the woman around him. During her pregnancy, there must be a lot of worries. If he helps her out, the family will be happier. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!