Age reduction of juvenile criminal responsibility? Here comes the latest response

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress once again responded to the question of whether the age of criminal responsibility of minors should be lowered. On the morning of October 12, Zang Tiewei, spokesman of the Legislative Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, introduced the legislative work of the Standing Committee and answered questions from reporters. According to the news, the 22nd session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in Beijing from October 13 to 17, and the revised draft of the law on the protection of minors is to be submitted to the third trial. Will the age of criminal responsibility of minors be adjusted? Zang Tiewei responded that in recent years, serious crimes committed by young minors have occurred from time to time, causing social concern. On this issue, we all agree that it should be managed, which is not only the need to rectify the crime, but also the need to protect the legitimate appeals and interests of the victims. However, there are still different understandings and emphases on how to manage, whether to lower the age of criminal responsibility and put them in prison, or to improve the detention and education system according to the characteristics of juvenile delinquency correction. Zang Tiewei pointed out that in general, we should still adhere to the policy of education, probation and rescue for juvenile delinquents, and adhere to the principle of giving priority to education and supplemented by punishment. Juvenile delinquency can not be simply “closed” or “let go”. Zang Tiewei disclosed that after repeated studies, the draft for the second time is intended to “walk on two legs”. On the one hand, under special circumstances, the statutory minimum age of criminal responsibility is lowered individually through special procedures; on the other hand, relevant issues concerning the amendment of the criminal law and the law on the prevention of juvenile delinquency should be considered as a whole, so as to make a good connection in the improvement of special correction education. < p > < p > the surging news noted that the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee in October 2019 and the 20th meeting in June 2020 deliberated on the revised draft of the juvenile protection law twice. < / P > < p > the first is to further strengthen the guardianship responsibilities of parents or other guardians in safeguarding the safety of minors; the second is to further strengthen the protection of minors’ personal information and strengthen the protection responsibility of network products and service providers; the third is to clarify the supervision responsibility of the people’s Procuratorate, and strengthen the legal publicity and education responsibility of judicial organs; the fourth is to protect guardians’ personal information The legal responsibility of performing the duty of guardianship according to law should be improved. Next