All three members of the family were recruited, and his wife suffered from liver failure. The doctor sighed: this kind of “cold dish” can’t be eaten

Just yesterday, Ms. Hu came home from work, just entered the door, felt a burst of abdominal pain, her husband sent her to the hospital on the way, Ms. Han fell into a coma. < / P > < p > Ms. Han is 36 years old. She was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis two years ago and gradually returned to normal after treatment. Her family like to eat Auricularia auricula, especially cold mixed Auricularia auricula, which is an essential food on the table almost every day. < / P > < p > at the doctor’s suggestion, Ms. Han’s husband and son also had an examination. As a result, her husband found liver cirrhosis, and her 10-year-old son found chronic hepatitis! < / P > < p > in this case, Auricularia auricula is easy to be polluted by the breeding Pseudomonas cocotoxin, and then decompose a large number of mycotoxins: aflatoxin and mycotic acid. Pseudomonas cocotoxin itself is non-toxic, but these two toxins are very unfriendly to the liver. However, aflatoxin has strong carcinogenicity. After ingestion, it can cause liver damage. Long term ingestion can easily induce liver disease and even cancer. < / P > < p > there are a lot of autonomic nerves distributed on the liver envelope on the surface of the liver. Liver lesions can cause autonomic nerve dysfunction, and then cause sympathetic nerve abnormal excitation. < / P > < p > in addition, the decomposition of methionine is affected by liver diseases, which is also prone to be abnormal, resulting in a large number of ammonia and methyl mercaptan, which are the main sources of halitosis caused by liver diseases. < / P > < p > liver lesions have a great impact on the regulation of hormones in the body. Estrogen can not be inactivated and decomposed in time, which will cause a large amount of accumulation of estrogen in the body. < p > < p > in chrysanthemum, Huai chrysanthemum has better liver nourishing effect, and Yuntai ice chrysanthemum has abundant liver nourishing components such as flavonoids, selenium, choline, which are many times higher than those in general chrysanthemum. < / P > < p > selenium: it can help to improve the regeneration ability of liver cells, so as to repair liver damage faster, protect the integrity of liver tissue cell membrane, and then resist the damage of harmful substances to the liver; < p > < p > secondly, exercise can improve the activity of liver cells, which can help the liver better resist the invasion of bacteria and harmful substances, and play a good role in protecting the liver itself It has a protective effect. < / P > < p > in deep sleep at night, the body consumes less blood, and a large amount of blood is stored in the liver, which helps to improve the liver metabolism and self-healing ability, avoid the accumulation of hepatotoxicity and liver damage, and is conducive to liver health. 08/16/2020