Always wake up and go to the bathroom at night? Or the body has these four health problems, it is not a trivial matter

The number of toilets in the daytime is four to six times, and it is generally less than two times at night. If you find that you have abnormal urination, you need to pay more attention to it. Many people urine frequently and some types of diseases, in the body health problems did not timely treatment, because of the development of the disease, urine also appears special changes. Therefore, the first time to deal with the symptoms of the disease, for specific causes of active treatment. < / P > < p > generally speaking, if there is a significant increase in nocturia, it is necessary to be alert to urinary tract infection. During the development of urinary tract infection, local inflammatory stimulation will lead to frequent and urgent urination. With the development of the disease, there may be body fever. In the face of adverse symptoms caused by urinary tract infection, we should control the development of body inflammation through rational drug use. In addition, attention should be paid to the cultivation of good living habits, and the inflammatory infection can be improved by actively improving the resistance. Otherwise, if the urinary tract infection is not handled for a long time, it may also cause urination pain and dysuria. < / P > < p > the obvious increase of nocturia is closely related to hyperglycemia. Without paying attention to the control of blood glucose and allowing diabetes to continue to develop, the patient’s mouth is often stimulated and will feel dry and dry. In order to relieve the cavity dryness of the mouth, patients usually drink water continuously. If they drink a lot of water before going to bed, their kidneys need to be busy excreting, and they usually have more nocturia. In view of the adverse symptoms caused by high blood sugar, we should control the blood sugar stably to improve it, otherwise the hyperglycemia will be continuously stimulated, the dry feeling of the mouth is obvious, and other adverse symptoms will also appear. More nocturnal urination may also be the occurrence of prostate lesions, prostate function damage, in the development of local diseases, more abnormal urination. After getting up, the prostate is always accompanied by frequent urination, and sometimes it is difficult to urinate. In the face of prostate disease caused by adverse symptoms, we need to actively deal with drugs, otherwise the increase in nocturia performance is obvious. There are more nocturia, which may be the development of bladder disease. Bladder has the function of storing urine, but bladder disease is serious, continuous stimulation may also make abnormal urination obvious, especially those with cystitis, bladder cancer, bladder stones, in the development of these diseases, the bladder volume will be reduced, the storage capacity of urine will be reduced. In addition to local inflammatory stimulation, frequent and urgent urination and more nocturnal urination were observed. If it is related to the organic lesions of the bladder, it should be improved by timely treatment of bladder diseases, otherwise nocturia will be more, sleep quality will be reduced at night, these diseases are not treated, the body is difficult to maintain health. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so