American high-yielding mothers are enviable. They gave birth to 14 babies in nine years, and now they have all raised them

Test tube baby is a way of assisted reproduction. As early as July 25, 1978, the first test tube baby in the world was successfully born in the UK. < / P > < p > it’s normal to have children. Some people can’t give birth naturally because of their physical discomfort, so they will come up with some other ways to give birth. < / P > < p > because they like children, some people may choose to have children in vitro when they have the financial ability, but sometimes they will not be accepted in this way. < / P > < p > some people don’t know about IVF and think that all IVF are not their own babies. In fact, sometimes, they just want to choose better genetic genes. < / P > < p > Nadia Dennis Dodd Suleiman is a treasure mother. She suddenly got angry after giving birth, not because of her good body management or good parenting skills. The reason for the fire was that she gave birth to octuplets. < / P > < p > she is a relatively independent woman. She was born in 1975. When she was in college, she met her lover. Their relationship heated up rapidly. After falling in love, they began to plan to have a big family. < / P > < p > both of them prefer children, so they reached a consensus on this point. After graduation, Nadia went to work in the hospital. During her work, she was injured in the back by the table raised by the patient, and received about 170000 US dollars in compensation. < / P > < p > shortly after receiving the compensation, she chose to leave her job and planned to have a baby with her lover. After a long time of efforts, Nadia still couldn’t get pregnant smoothly. They couldn’t accept the result, so they went to the hospital for examination. < / P > < p > the results showed that Nadia’s husband had no fertility, so she thought of having a test tube baby, but her husband didn’t agree, so they parted ways. Finally, Nadia chose to have her own baby and take care of her own. < / P > < p > by making test tubes, she got her first baby in 2001, and she finally became a mother, but it’s not enough. What she wants is a big family. < / P > < p > a year later, she gave birth to a daughter again, followed by two pairs of twins, six children still can not satisfy Nadia’s desire, she turned to the doctor, said she wanted more children. < / P > < p > at the beginning, the idea was rejected by the doctor. Later, at Nadia’s insistence, the doctor helped her. Finally, she gave birth to 8 twins. < / P > < p > after she gave birth to her baby, she instantly became a favorite of the media. Her face can often be seen on American screens and newspapers. Some people support her and others approve of her. < / P > < p > although life has given her a lot of trouble, she really likes her babies. Now that she has become famous, she simply uses her reputation to join the film industry, and through constant efforts, she supports all her babies on her own. < / P > < p > now the youngest octuplet is 10 years old, and Nadia has survived. The family’s life is very happy and worthy of blessing. Many women who want to have children envy her. < / P > < p > now more and more people begin to pursue scientific parenting. If they want to have two children and do not want to bear the pain of twice childbirth, some families may choose to be test tube babies. < / P > < p > in the case of twins or multiple births, the risk of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will be relatively high. Appropriately increasing the number of prenatal examinations can facilitate doctors to better understand the situation of babies and ensure their health. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, the food that pregnant women eat will provide nutrition to their babies. In the case of twins or multiple births, pregnant mothers can’t directly look at their own satiety, so they must pay attention to nutrition collocation. < / P > < p > if you want to give birth naturally, pregnant mothers should do more exercise. Although it’s inconvenient to have a big stomach, they can’t lie down all the time, which is bad for the baby. Proper exercise can increase resistance and physical fitness, which is good for delivery. < / P > < p > gestation Island, a professional pregnancy and parenting team, multi platform high-quality creators, pay attention to me, nutrition and health during pregnancy, child growth education, give you professional guidance. 08/16/2020