American women raised tens of thousands of dollars for their son’s funeral, but the child didn’t die at all

According to prosecutors in New Jersey, a 33 year old woman has been charged with fraudulent charity fundraising, claiming to raise money for her son’s funeral, but the child has been adopted. The 4-year-old boy’s adoptive parents alerted law enforcement in June that gofundme’s fund-raising campaign was using photos of their son to raise money for the funeral of a boy who died of cancer, Burlington county prosecutor’s office posted on Facebook on the 9th, according to us “business insider” website. < / P > < p > it is understood that the charity fund-raising campaign was initiated by Holly Garcia, the boy’s biological mother, when she actually left the child to be raised by someone else. In addition, according to further investigation, Garcia launched a number of false fund-raising activities on gofundme’s website, with the pretext of preparing an urn for his son; helping his 4-year-old blind son, whose one eye is nearly blind and his father has passed away; helping the unborn child; preparing a baby carriage for a two month old premature son; and raising funds for renting an apartment Because she claims to be four months pregnant and homeless. Garcia was detained on Sept. 24 on charges of second level computer crime and attempted third degree theft, and was released last week and will be tried by a grand jury, the prosecutor’s office said on September 9. After being reminded by law enforcement officials, gofundme canceled Garcia’s fund-raising campaign, and she failed to get the $11350 she had applied for. Focus