Animation girls before and after makeup removal, critical hit injury is so, no wonder a bite tens of thousands

Painting is a very magical thing. It can transform what you think into something you can see directly. You can also paint what you see according to your own script. The same thing in different people’s eyes and hands, there may be tens of thousands of postures, which is the magic of comics. < / P > < p > I believe that many netizens grew up in the company of Hayao Miyazaki’s works, and his works are the classics that can not be subverted. After many years, we still remember the characters and plots in these works. Not only are his works loved by fans, but even his manuscripts are regarded as treasures. A young cartoonist, in order to pay homage to the classic, also drew a figure appreciation picture. < p > < p > this little sister, who calls Chunren, expresses her views on some characters in the works through certain skills with delicate brushwork. And she also attached a contrast map, the contrast between the two is very obvious. At first glance, it’s like a comparison of these girls before and after makeup removal. < / P > < p > in the era of master Gong, it was very hard to create stories and animations. Every frame had to go through thousands of hammers and chisels before it could be produced. It’s not too much to describe it by hand. Unlike today’s era, with the help of emerging technologies, efficiency and quality have made a qualitative leap. < p > < p > Chunren’s works are very close to the times. Her characters are like makeup, and the makeup is very delicate. If it is in the case of taking pictures, these women will definitely open beautiful faces and filters. The female characters in the works of master Gong show a kind of original beauty, without any deliberate dressing and decoration, which is a natural and simple beauty. < / P > < p > for today’s aesthetic, it is really difficult for women to find their own position in the eyes of others if they don’t wipe something on their faces and deliberately dress up. Just like the characters in the painting, beauty make-up is the “critical damage” to the plain face. Even if it is suspected that “a mouthful of tens of thousands” is suspected, it also has a sense of achievement. It is impossible to say which kind of aesthetics is the absolute standard. In different times, there is a suitable definition. Whether it is the beauty of sculpture or the beauty of nature, the harmony between the two is the most perfect. Plain face has the advantages of plain face, just like the works of master Gong, which is a kind of meaningful, fresh and lasting beauty. The beauty of refinement also has the necessity and rationality of refinement. Everyone has the heart to love beauty, but if it is congenital deficiency, it must be made up later. Therefore, refined face also has its popular reason. Just like Chunren’s little sister’s painting, at first glance, it is the goddess of dreams, my fair lady, and the gentleman is fond of it. 08/16/2020