Appear depressed person, often can say a few catchphrases, if you have around, please be more patient

Nowadays, there are more and more people suffering from depression. It is estimated that there are 350 million people suffering from depression in the world, but less than half of them receive effective treatment.

as a common disease, depression has become the second “killer” of human beings! The age of people with depression is also advanced, and some even 30-year-old people suffer from depression. Many people with depression, they may not find, but in other people’s eyes, patients always look very “optimistic”, but do not know the heart of the horse often suffer great pain!

I can feel it through what they usually say. For example, the following mantra is often said by patients with depression. If you have it around you, I hope to give them more patience and actively help them with treatment.

some people do not have any self-confidence and always feel that they are not as strong as others, but their emotions are not capricious or changeable. And some people often put the words “I can’t do it” on their lips. No matter what they have to do, their first reaction is that they can’t do it, especially they don’t have self-confidence.

if you are in such a state for a long time, people’s emotions will be greatly affected. Even because you are not confident, you are not willing to accept other new things. Instead, you always immerse yourself in your own world, do not want to communicate with the outside world, and do not want to go out, so your personality becomes more and more lonely.

for patients with depression, no matter how wonderful the people around them are, they may not be able to feel it. When people around them propose that they want to contact something new, their first sentence is “I don’t want to try.”. From the point of view of personality, they are more introverted. They prefer to stay quiet and do nothing, or even stay at home all day.

apart from inferiority complex, patients with depression feel that they are nothing, but also like to take responsibility. After anything happens, they always feel that it is because they have not done a good job, so they will lead to some bad results. In fact, it’s not their problem at all, but they always like to say, “it’s all my fault.”.

this kind of phenomenon is very common in the workplace. When we do a project at the same time, the project fails, so we put the responsibility on ourselves and worry that other colleagues will not like it.

there are a lot of troubles in life, but patients with depression will be more negative. In life, they can’t see the meaning of everything and can’t be interested in everything. Life is flat and light, and there are no waves at all. For a long time, they are tired of this kind of life and want to escape from this kind of life, so they often say Life is boring.

it is very difficult for patients with depression to find their own illness, especially in the early stage. Because the symptoms are not particularly obvious in the early stage, they can only be judged by their usual actions and words. The above is a few mantra of patients with depression, often hanging in the mouth, always say.

when there are patients with depression around us, we should find a way to treat them at the first time. The family around them should accompany them more, pay attention to their changes and enlighten them more. If necessary, try to find a professional doctor for treatment, find out the cause of depression, find out the most fundamental reason, in order to have treatment countermeasures. In a word, depression is different from physical disease, it is a kind of psychological disease, we need to start from the heart of patients to help treat. Pets