Are you still bothered by a big chest and a small one? Three simple ways to solve this problem easily

I believe that both men and women want to have a perfect chest! But the day did not fulfill people’s wishes, most people’s left and right sides of the chest size will have a certain difference, men due to the relative reduction of chest fat, so it will look more obvious! And women because of the breast fat is relatively more, if not carefully observed is not easy to find, but girls themselves will care about this matter! Whether it is for men or women, the size of the left and right chest will affect the beautiful! So how can we improve the problem of a big chest and a small chest? Today, I’d like to discuss with you the solutions to this problem, hoping to help you.

the main muscle composition of the chest is the pectoralis major on the surface and the pectoralis minor in the deep layer. Since the problem of a large chest and a small chest mainly affects the pectoralis major muscle group, we will learn more about the pectoralis major muscle from the anatomical point of view. Since the pectoralis minor muscle is in the deep layer of the pectoralis major muscle and has no effect, we will not explain it to you.

the position of pectoralis major is easy to find, which is subcutaneous in the upper part of the chest. It starts from the medial half of clavicle, the front of sternum, the first to sixth costal cartilage and the upper part of the anterior wall of rectus abdominis sheath, and ends at the ridge of greater tuberosity of humerus. Its functions are divided into near fixed mode and far fixed mode according to different movements. In the near fixation mode, the shoulder joint was flexed, horizontally flexed, adducted and rotated. In the far fixation mode, pull the trunk closer to the upper arm and lift the ribs to help inhale. After understanding the anatomy of pectoralis major muscle, we can analyze what causes a big chest and a small chest.

a big chest and a small chest is actually a very common problem. It is mainly caused by the different habits of everyone. Few people are particularly flexible in both hands. For those who are more flexible in holding their right hand, they will use more right hand in their daily life, and push action in natural life will mainly be carried out with the right hand, so the exercise of the right arm and chest is naturally more than that of the left side, so it is normal that the muscle development of the right chest is far more than that of the left.

some people have the same degree of development of their left and right chest, but with the increase of strength training intensity, the size of both sides of the chest begins to vary! This is mainly due to the excessive training load leading to muscle compensation, so that one side of the chest is not stimulated enough, resulting in a chest big and a small chest problem.

in addition to the above two reasons, one chest is bigger and the other is smaller. Some people are congenital or caused by acquired diseases. These two situations are not in the scope of today’s discussion! If you are one of these two situations, Xiaobian suggests that you go to a regular and reliable hospital to see a doctor. The coach can help you correct the problem of movement standardization. If it is related to the disease, you can only find a doctor! Then if you are not a disease or congenital chest big chest small, but the first two causes of chest big chest small, then you can follow the next paragraph to share the processing method to solve, adhere to a period of time can see a very obvious improvement! How to operate it? Let’s take a look.

the principle of using, discarding and retreating is unchangeable. Therefore, if you want to make the chest size of both sides the same, you should make the utilization rate of both arms close, and then cooperate with appropriate training! If you want to improve the use rate of non preferred hand, you should subconsciously try to use your non preferred hand in life. Don’t make it do too difficult things at the beginning. Just take things and try them a little bit.

because the chest muscle group is relatively large, we all like to carry out heavy load training in chest training, but the problems also follow! Movement deformation, muscle strain, wrist injury and other problems are caused by excessive load, muscle strain and wrist injury will make you stop training, and then lead to muscle degradation! The movement deformation will make the muscles on both sides of the force is different, and in the long run, it will lead to the problem of big and small chest. Therefore, it is suggested that the intensity of chest training should be moderate, and the phased impact strength can be used.

a great advantage of fixed equipment is that the movement track is fixed. In other words, it can make your movements become standard in disguise. Even if the weight is large, as long as you can push it up, there will not be too big problems in the movement. So for small partners with uneven muscle development on both sides, this is a good news! So if you want to correct your chest size and chest size, you may as well add the chest training of fixed equipment to your training plan to get twice the result with half the effort!

because the fat of female chest is between subcutaneous and pectoralis major muscle, balanced development of pectoralis major muscle can also improve women’s chest size and chest size. At the same time, training breast major muscle can also make women’s chest shape better! Therefore, the methods shared in this article are applicable to both men and women, but they can only be effective if they persist! The above is the content of today’s sharing, welcome to like, message forwarding and attention, thank you. 20