Are your muscles out of balance? What are the causes of muscle imbalance?

However, the way of human body movement is mutual. Only through the coordinated operation of the opposite muscles can the normal exercise effect be produced. That is to say, the corresponding muscle length and strength must be balanced in order to correctly and effectively exercise its function. This is why muscle imbalance will cause sports injury and body appearance problems in the afternoon In this article, I will focus on the types and effects of muscle imbalance to tell you the seriousness of the matter. < / P > < p > body muscle imbalance: the muscles on both sides of the body should be symmetrical and the same in size and strength. When the strength and length of the other side of the body or the corresponding muscle group are larger or smaller, stronger or weaker than those on the other side, your muscles will be in an unbalanced state. Joint muscle imbalance: each muscle around our joint will work together with the opposite force to make the joint bone in the middle for the best movement efficiency. If one of these muscles is stronger or weaker, tighter or looser than the normal muscle, it will cause muscle imbalance and restrict joint movement. < / P > < p > it’s natural to have a bad posture for a long time. The distribution of exercise plans is uneven and incorrect. In order to exercise joints, we must have two partners: pull and push. In daily life, pull seems to be a simple verb, but it contains various actions such as pulling the front to oneself, from up to down or from down to up, We can not only explain these movements by pulling, but also call them strokes. Push is another action that is often used in daily life. Generally speaking, push can be divided into two types: push with all your strength; for example, when you push with your hands in sumo wrestling, you will use the muscles of the whole body, including buttocks, front and back muscles of big legs, core muscles, arm and chest muscles, and use the muscles around big joints Work together to play a role, you can stabilize the body and convey the strength. < / P > < p > the above two partners can also be explained in another way. In all joint movement modes, there are two opposite muscles, the active muscle and the antagonistic muscle. When the active muscle contracts, the antagonistic muscle relaxes. On the contrary, when the active muscle is released, the antagonistic muscle shrinks. It is also because of the interaction between these two muscles that the human body can be made To produce such a variety of movements. For example: when you want to drink water with a bottle in your hand, you will bend the biceps and put the bottle close to your mouth. At this time, the triceps will relax and make the whole movement smooth and smooth. However, if your biceps or triceps are too developed, it will cause the muscles to be too tight, limit the range of motion, and cause some injuries. Generally speaking, strengthening muscle strength is beneficial to the body’s operation. However, if we train or strengthen a certain part of the muscle group and ignore the corresponding muscle strength, it will easily lead to muscle imbalance and lead to poor range of motion, muscle pain and unbalanced appearance. At the same time, muscle imbalance will also cause joints, ligaments, tendons, and other problems Connective tissue, bone and muscle problems, which in turn increase the risk factors of exercise. < / P > < p > all the actions in our bodies are related, so as long as one part is affected, the other side will be affected indirectly. However, we humans have the problem of habitual side, which is very easy to produce imbalance and development of muscle strength on one side. If you need to balance the muscle strength of the body, then training on one side may be an issue you must understand. < p > < p > in general, the most commonly used unilateral training in the gym is the dumbbell biceps curl lift, which is a familiar training method, but we often forget that such training can also be applied to any muscle group such as chest, leg and back for isolated training. A lot of unilateral movements, such as single arm dumbbell push or single leg squat, can strengthen training to the muscle groups and core of our whole body. < / P > < p > strengthen the weaker side. Most of us will use the stronger side physically, while the other side is less powerful. Therefore, when you use a barbell for training, it is easy to absorb the weaker side through the stronger side. This is because the barbell will transfer the weight in the process of lifting or pushing, so we can use the dumbbell Training to avoid this situation, but two arms at the same time, there is still a synergistic effect, in this case, the weaker side will be supported by the stronger side. At this time, when you only use one side of the weight training, you may find that there is a considerable difference between the strength and stability of the left side and the right side. That is to say, unilateral training will force the body to carry out muscle strength strengthening training without the assistance of any one side of the muscle. Gradually, the difference between the two sides will be reduced and the muscle strength on both sides will be more symmetrical. Effectively break through the training bottleneck. If your training state has already met the bottleneck period, you can try unilateral training action. For example, unilateral shoulder push will be more difficult than our hands shoulder push, but it is also a way to effectively break through the training bottleneck period. This is because when you use unilateral training to strengthen your weak side muscles, you will find the weight when you return to normal bilateral training And strength can be greatly improved. To enhance the core ability of the body, many people will ask what is the relationship between unilateral training and core? You can try a one-sided push with a dumbbell, and you’ll find that you need to use your core muscles to stabilize your body so that you don’t lose balance, which means that you can increase your body’s core by using one side training. In addition, this training method can also make our body coordination and balance ability for training action requirements higher. Generally speaking, when using unilateral training, the body can not quickly adapt to such training mode. Therefore, when we carry out this kind of training action, we must pay more attention to the stability and attention of the body, at the same time, we can feel the muscle contraction force and slow down the speed, which will be conducive to your training action more concentrated In the target muscle group, therefore, the unilateral training mode can improve the degree of muscle participation. Focus