Armani new MY WAY fragrance fragrance listed

in January 19, 2020, Armani cosmetics held a new MY WAY perfume release event in Shanghai, China. It showed a modern, young woman’s elegant and free and honest character in a new perspective, and made a firm commitment to brand sustainable development. < / P > < p > the press conference was broadcast live online, and many star friends, including Jin Chen, Zhao Lusi, Ju Xiaowen, Bai Lu, Sun Yi and Qiu Tianjun, came to the scene to witness the beautiful moment together with media friends and beauty experts. What one sees and hears in Armani MY WAY perfume is I AM WHAT I LIVE. It’s all for me, specially tailored for modern women, showing the true and feminine temperament of modern women’s free and free pursuit. MY WAY perfume has also opened the world of fragrance searching: Armani has selected rare and high-quality ingredients from all over the world and integrated advanced fragrance technology to create a new white flower fragrance atmosphere. Open a beautiful and moving journey of sense and smell.

Armani MY WAY perfume carries a sustainable brand of ingenuity, using a simple replacement design, without using funnels to create the first place for the high-end perfume industry. At the same time, each part of the bottle body can be recycled to effectively realize carbon neutralization. Armani also cooperates with local non-governmental organizations and follows the principle of fair trade. By supporting local projects in poor areas and purchasing natural raw materials, Armani’s long-term commitment to sustainable development is reflected. Focus