At the age of 50, Mo Wenwei never goes on a diet. Her figure is so good that she says it’s easy to lose weight

Introduction: when people are 25 years old, they will feel dizzy. When they are 30 years old, they begin to control their weight, but they will still find the protrusion of their lower abdomen. 40 years old is a middle-aged man full of fatigue, while 50 years old is full of the appearance of being devastated by life. But this is just the life of ordinary people. In this world, there are such a group of people, 25-year-old youth invincible, 35-year-old youth invincible, to 50-year-old is still no different from 20-year-old.

the maintenance secret of these people is exercise. We all know that more exercise can keep people energetic and even make people younger and younger. Mo Wenwei is a woman who is deeply favored by the benefits of exercise. In 1996, at the age of 26, Mo Wenwei was still in love with Xingye, and an album with a photo as the cover came out. This photo shows Mo Wenwei lying on the sofa looking very lazy. Most people bought it because of that photo.

this photo shows her figure at a glance. It is said that it was her own idea to use this photo as the cover at that time. I don’t know if my heart as a boyfriend had any scruples at that time. Thank him for not stopping me, otherwise we would not see such a perfect figure.

in 2000, at the age of 30, she was in the stage of lovelorn and released a new album. In the MV, she was still very beautiful, and the lens was still so slender when it went around the beautiful leg, as if she was the girl in the cover.

she doesn’t look the same at all. In 2010, she was 40 years old and ended her nine-year love with Feng Delun. She was wearing a rose red net stockings during the publicity. This kind of net stockings is very picky about her figure. There are 100 girls and 99 girls who can’t control it. But in Mo Wenwei, it has a perfect effect. It’s younger than 26 years old.

in 2020, she will be 50 years old. She has been married to her boyfriend for 8 years, but this year’s concert will be suspended for special reasons. This 50 year old girl still has a sexy figure and perfect muscles. It seems that years have never tormented Mo Wenwei. In addition to her natural good genes, it is also necessary for her to keep such a state at the age of 50. At that time, she said that she preferred pilates in her daily life.

Pilates is a sport suitable for all stars. It only needs a thruster and a yoga mat, and it doesn’t need too much space. With reference to our following three movements, we can all experience the feeling of staying on the body.

step on the thruster with both feet, hold the handle with both hands, pull it up, and the big arm drives the small arm together. Stretch the handle from the front of the thigh all the way to the shoulder, exerting the muscles throughout the process.

lie flat on the yoga mat, hold the handle with your hands, push your feet out 45 degrees, and straighten your legs. Pay attention to the strength of the waist and legs when closing the legs, and control the elasticity at the same time, which can exercise abdominal obesity and improve abdominal muscles.

sit on the yoga mat, hold the handle with both hands, and push it out at a 45 degree angle. Unlike the last movement, the upper body is not lying flat, but showing a v.

conclusion: immortality can’t be realized at all. We can only delay aging by taking exercise as a lifelong career. It’s not a problem to keep youth forever. 08/16/2020