Attention, senile dementia is partial to these three kinds of old people. If you find these three phenomena, you should pay attention to them

Alzheimer’s disease, also known as Alzheimer’s disease, is a degenerative disease of the nervous system. Patients will cognitive function decline, produce behavioral disorders, will gradually lose memory, and even lose language function, and gradually will be unable to live on their own. Alzheimer’s disease not only reduces the quality of life of patients themselves, but also puts a burden on their children. Next, let’s learn about which elderly people are prone to Alzheimer’s disease and the manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease.

if the elderly themselves suffer from cardiovascular diseases, he will have a higher incidence rate of Alzheimer’s disease, because they have underlying brain diseases, and the brain is more likely to atrophy, which will increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. If the elderly suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, must go to the regular hospital treatment, seriously control the disease, and pay attention in life, can not let the disease more serious. The elderly living alone are also at high risk of Alzheimer’s disease. They have lost their partner, their children are not at home for a long time, and they live alone, and their emotions are very low. And because living alone and communicating with other people becomes less and less, the function of the brain will become problematic over time. Alzheimer’s disease itself is relatively hidden, children are not around, there is no way to seriously observe whether there are symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, found that most of the time has been very serious. In order to maintain their health, the elderly generally pay more attention to their diet. However, some elderly people eat whatever they want, such as popcorn, puffed food and other snacks, which contain a very high content of lead, which is very harmful to brain cells. In addition, older people who often drink beer are also prone to Alzheimer’s disease, which also contains a lot of lead. It is normal for the elderly to have memory decline, but if the memory is very poor and has exceeded the normal limit, it may be Alzheimer’s disease. For example, if you just do something, you forget it. For example, you can’t remember the phone number that you are familiar with. If the elderly often make such memory mistakes, it is better to take them to the hospital for examination. It is reasonable to say that with the growth of age, the temper will become more and more warm. If it suddenly becomes cloudy and uncertain in recent years, you will get angry when you are not careful. You are especially likely to be suspicious and always suspect that others do something sorry to him. At this time, we should be alert to the arrival of Alzheimer’s disease, because the early manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease is to become suspicious, emotional ups and downs. < / P > < p > if one day you find that the self-care ability of the elderly in your family is declining, and what you could have done well started to be bad or unable to do, you should also be alert to the arrival of Alzheimer’s disease. Old people often forget some things, and they can’t do what they could have done. They are easy to get lost when they go out. They don’t do a good job in hygiene. They often forget to change their clothes and wash their hair and bath. When we accept aging, we should not ignore the obstacle of Alzheimer’s disease, which will not only reduce the quality of life of the elderly, but also bring great burden to children. I hope that the elderly from the beginning of early prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, exercise brain function, elderly healthy children can rest assured. 08/16/2020