Auricularia auricula is hair, high uric acid gout patients can not eat? It is more important to understand these four dietary suggestions

If there is a problem of high uric acid, we should pay more attention to diet, but we should also learn to distinguish whether it is scientific and reasonable or just a rumor of nonsense. For example, some people say that patients with high uric acid can’t eat Auricularia, because Auricularia is “hair”, which is a common rumor about high uric acid diet. In our daily life, we often hear the word “Fa Wu”, but if we want to accurately define the meaning of this word, many people can not say it clearly. For the term of hair, we may as well define it as follows: generally, it is rich in nutrition, and it is easy to induce some kind of reaction or disease attack of the body after eating, or aggravate some existing disease. < / P > < p > from this point of view, can Auricularia auricula be regarded as a kind of “hair product”? In fact, it is not. To say that it is rich in nutrients, Auricularia auricula contains a variety of amino acids, but also B vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients. At the same time, Auricularia auricula is also rich in gum and dietary fiber, which is a good food material for supplementing body nutrition and improving intestinal health. In terms of the content of various nutrients, if the dry Auricularia auricula is calculated, many nutrients of Auricularia auricula are much higher than other food materials, but in fact, the Auricularia auricula that we eat is blistered Auricularia auricula. After absorbing water, the weight of Auricularia auricula will increase nearly 10 times. Therefore, for the black fungus with bubble hair, although it is rich in nutrients, it is rich in nutrients A variety of nutrients, but also not too prominent advantages. Therefore, from this point of view, Auricularia auricula does not meet the standard of nutrient rich hair. Can Auricularia auricula induce or aggravate disease? At present, there is no scientific evidence to prove that eating Auricularia auricula can induce certain diseases, including acute gout caused by high uric acid, and eating Auricularia auricula will not aggravate certain diseases. Therefore, from these two aspects, Auricularia auricula is not a kind of hair. Of course, Auricularia auricula can be eaten. The saying that Auricularia auricula can not be eaten stems from the fact that we often say that patients with high uric acid should pay attention to a low purine diet. As a kind of vegetarian food material with rich purine content, mushroom is often recommended and restricted. Since Auricularia is also a kind of fungus, it is often classified into it. However, it still needs to be pointed out that the dry Auricularia auricula contains a slightly higher purine content, but for the black fungus with hair foaming, it is completely a low purine diet with purine content of no more than 50mg / 100g. Therefore, for patients with high uric acid, it is not necessary to deliberately limit the intake of Auricularia auricula with bubble hair. If you eat a little of it regularly, you will not have high uric acid problem There is no need to worry too much about the risk of high uric acid caused by exogenous intake of purine. In fact, for patients with high uric acid, diet control should be paid attention to. But we must also understand that the diet control of patients with hyperuricemia is not only to strictly control the purine intake in foreign food. There are two main sources of uric acid in human body. 80% of uric acid comes from nucleotides produced by cell metabolism in our body. After further oxidative metabolism, uric acid will evolve into uric acid. The remaining 20% of uric acid comes from purine in external food, which is further metabolized into uric acid. Therefore, in many cases, purine intake in diet should be controlled It is very important because it is a method that we can easily control and reduce the production of uric acid from the source. This method can regulate uric acid by no more than 20%. In terms of the mechanism of high uric acid, excessive production of uric acid is one aspect, and poor excretion of uric acid is another important aspect. The combination of these two aspects will lead to the disorder of uric acid metabolism, and the concentration of uric acid in the blood will gradually increase until it exceeds the standard. If the influence of uric acid excretion is added, therefore, it is necessary to control the diet simply Purine intake for high uric acid conditioning, even less. < / P > < p > of course, saying so much is not advocating people not to control their diet. In fact, for patients with high uric acid, the essence of diet control is not to stare at the purine content table of food every day, and dare not eat it. Instead, we should pay attention to maintaining a low purine diet and maintaining a healthy diet to minimize the impact on uric acid metabolism, Excretion of dietary factors, further improve the body’s ability to metabolize and excrete uric acid. In life, diet conditioning high uric acid problem, in addition to pay attention to eat less low purine food, here, we give the following four suggestions: < / P > < p > limit drinking. Alcohol can promote the production of uric acid, but also affect the excretion of uric acid. It has the effect of increasing uric acid from two aspects. If you have high uric acid problem and still like to drink, it is recommended to limit it as much as possible, and it is better to stop drinking. Drink plenty of water. Excess uric acid is mainly excreted into the urine through the filtration and reabsorption of the kidney. Drinking more water and urinating more can reduce the metabolic load of kidney and further strengthen the excretion of uric acid, which plays an important role in reducing high uric acid. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can supplement vitamins for the body. Adequate vitamin nutrition helps to protect kidney health and intestinal health, and helps to repair and improve the function of excreting uric acid. It is also a very noteworthy aspect. Eat less high food. Many friends think that fructose is a kind of safe and harmless sugar, but little do you know that excessive fructose intake will promote the production of uric acid, and may even induce gout attack. Some foods and drinks with high fructose content should eat less as far as possible, and not to eat a lot of them for a long time. 08/16/2020