Autumn and winter, girls drink this bowl of sweet soup, save “aunt”, dispel cold beauty, drink a good look

In the twinkling of an eye, it has been a long time since autumn, and the weather forecast says that it will cool down sharply again this week. It is estimated that winter is coming in the north. Many girls are not hardy in winter and feel cold hands and feet. Menstruation is not allowed. In fact, these symptoms can be recuperated through food tonic. Today to share a autumn and winter season, girls want more sweet soup.

this bowl of sweet soup is brown sugar red jujube wine egg. Brown sugar and jujube wine can replenish iron and blood and enhance immunity. Save the big aunt. Warm the palace and drive away the cold. Qi and blood is good, the face is naturally ruddy and glossy. It’s also very simple. It saves time and effort. It can be done in a few minutes. I often eat it as breakfast, which can not only relieve satiety, but also improve physical fitness and regulate body functions. That’s a lot to do. Now let’s take a look at the specific production process of this bowl of brown sugar red jujube wine egg.

sweet, delicious. If the meal is small, you can only put one egg. I usually eat two, ha ha, eat more in the morning, not hungry in the morning. Although this sweet soup can nourish the body and is good for girls, don’t drink it during the “big aunt”. I can’t drink it until the last three days. Drinking it twice a week is effective. I’ve tried it myself. The symptoms of abdominal pain disappeared and the time became accurate. You must try.

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