Autumn encountered this dish, I buy 10 jin at a time, do soup most nourishing, warm stomach anti-aging, family love to drink

When I meet this dish in autumn, I buy 10 jin at a time. Making soup is the most nourishing, nutritious and warm. My family likes it. Autumn is the harvest season. When the weather gets cold, the storage time of many food materials has been extended, such as potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and so on. There is also a radish, which is a seasonal food material. Every time you encounter it, you must buy 10 Jin and store it up slowly. < / P > < p > radish has a history of more than one thousand years in China. It has been recorded in Chinese literature that Radish “benefits the five internal organs, lightens the body, and makes the skin white and thin”. It can be seen that radish has the effect of weight loss and beauty. At the same time, radish is rich in dietary fiber, which can help relieve food accumulation. Regular consumption can improve the body’s immunity! Radish is also divided into varieties. The common ones are white radish and green radish. I found a new variety of radish in the supermarket these days, which is called Shawo radish. I heard from the supermarket guide that this radish is very delicious. It is a fruit type radish with sufficient water, high sugar content, thin skin, thick meat, crisp, juicy and crisp taste. It’s more delicious than Yali. I was really moved by her words and bought some I’m going to try it. Kwai collocation is a new way of

. Today, the soup that is boiled after radish is cut is not only perfect without any seasoning, but also with the rice meat dumplings and low fat healthy konjak. This quick hand soup has become a regular customer of our table. After the family drinks, it is full of praise, delicious soup and warm heart. Let’s do it! < / P > < p > [seasoning]: 10g raw soy sauce, 10g oyster sauce, 5g old soy sauce, 5g salt, 10g sesame oil, a little chicken essence, a little pepper. Then add shredded radish, black fungus and konjac knot, simmer for 10 minutes, let the nutrition and taste of food fully integrated into the soup. < / P > < p > this one must be the “standard” on the autumn table. The fresh, sweet and crisp radish, elastic tooth fungus, refreshing konjac, salty and fragrant meatballs are all very delicious. At the same time, the variety of ingredients makes the taste and nutrition of the whole soup doubled. If you like, you might as well try radish, and make sure you will fall in love with it once. PARRENT&CHILDREN