Autumn is coming. Your car has to be maintained like this!

September day impetuous ~ every September, do you also feel the temperature difference between the morning and evening is bigger? Sun exposure at noon, even a little cold at night! Here, we would like to remind you to increase your clothes, and at the same time, the car should also enter the autumn season maintenance. This autumn health strategy, take good care ~ < / P > < p > in the morning of autumn, there is more dew and the surface of the car is often very wet. These days are still relatively dry, but in a few days, there will be obvious traces of dew. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of your car, you should spray paint in time, so as to avoid corrosion caused by damp. < / P > < p > in addition, due to the corrosion of rain acid in summer rain and the direct sunlight in summer, the car paint surface will inevitably be oxidized. When changing seasons, it is best to do a series of beauty maintenance for the surface of your car, from cleaning, polishing to waxing, glaze sealing or coating. After all, we often skin care for our own face. For cars, beauty maintenance is also essential! < / P > < p > after the baptism of the high temperature this year, the air conditioner of your car may have been overloaded. It’s time to “reduce the load” for them. Due to more rain in summer, cars often walk on some water-related roads, which causes the lower part of the air-conditioning condenser to be stained with a lot of sand. After a long time, the condenser will rust, thus shortening the service life of the air conditioner. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a maintenance for the air conditioner of your car in autumn. < / P > < p > in autumn, you should always check the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment to see if the oil is sufficient, deteriorated and has reached the replacement cycle. These oils are like the blood of your car. When it comes to the replacement cycle, you must change them to ensure smooth oil circulation. < / P > < p > regularly check whether the brake is weakened or deviated, and whether the pedal force of the brake pedal changes. If necessary, clean up the pipeline part of the whole brake system. The brake is closely related to the personal safety of the owner, and it must not be ignored. < / P > < p > in autumn, it is necessary to add air pressure to the tire to keep it within the specified pressure range. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether there are scratches on the tire, because the rubber is easy to harden and appear brittle in autumn and winter, and the tire is prone to air leakage. In addition, the inclusions in the tread should be cleaned frequently. < / P > < p > when it turns cool in autumn, you should pay special attention to whether the air outlet of defrosting outlet under the windshield is normal and whether the heat is enough. If there is a problem, it should be solved in time, otherwise, it will bring unsafe factors to your driving. < / P > < p > in autumn, the electrode connection of automobile battery is the most easy place to have problems. If green oxide is found at the electrode connection, it must be washed off with boiling water. These green oxides will cause the power shortage of the generator and make the battery in a state of power loss. In serious cases, the battery will be scrapped or can not be ignited. < / P > < p > rain weather is easy to cause water into the headlight. If you find fog in the headlight, you can turn on the headlight. If the water mist can disappear in about 10 minutes, you don’t need to worry. If it can’t disappear, you need to go to a professional after-sales service station for maintenance. In this case, if it can not be handled in time, it is easy to cause short circuit. < / P > < p > in autumn, with the decrease of low temperature, the number of times windows are opened obviously, which makes these problems left over in summer become serious. The relatively closed interior space will make the air quality inside the car very poor and affect the health of passengers in the car. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle. The main purpose of this cleaning is to remove bacteria, so it is best to use professional cleaning agent when cleaning. The cleaning will complete the cleaning of scale, odor in the car and sterilization at the same time. After cleaning, it’s better to use protective agent for interior care again, which can keep the effect for a longer time! < p > < p > in autumn, when the air temperature decreases, the water dripping from the exhaust pipe often occurs. However, the inclination angle of many automobile exhaust pipes is not large enough, and the water can not be discharged along the end of the exhaust pipe. In high temperature, water is easy to cause corrosion to the exhaust pipe, so it is necessary to protect the tail section of the exhaust pipe. It is better to use a small brush to brush the tail 10 cm inside and outside, which can have a good effect. The autumn in the north is more dry, in addition to the above, more attention should be paid to anti-static, change antifreeze, etc.; while in the south, there may be a period of wet process, which needs specific analysis. In addition, the autumn seasonal maintenance also involves more professional maintenance, which is more difficult for ordinary car owners to do by themselves. It is recommended to go to regular 4S stores for professional inspection. Pets