Autumn semester opens: review of the past 8 months of “homeschooling”

After a little hesitation, Chen Jing crossed out the Chinese tutorial course from her son Haohao’s new semester schedule and replaced it with a children’s programming interest class. < / P > < p > “on August 29, the first grade, the third grade, the first grade, the second grade and the third grade of the primary school will open; on September 1, the fifth and sixth grade of the primary school and the second grade of the second grade of the primary school will open; on September 7, the second, third and fourth grade of the primary school will open…” On the evening of August 9, Chen Jing and others came to this “landmark” notice — the opening time of autumn semester in Beijing. < p > < p > 10 days later, the Ministry of Education announced that “comprehensively restoring the order of education and teaching” has almost become the title of all relevant news push. On January 17, Haohao, a third grade primary school student, ushered in the winter vacation in 2020. At that time, probably no one in Beijing would have thought that students under grade four, like Hao Hao, would not be able to return to campus all spring and summer. Winter vacation, the final and summer vacation “seamless connection.”. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Chen Jing, can not tell exactly which day it is. Some people realized that the new crown pneumonia epidemic that was raging in China would affect the upcoming spring semester. But she remembered that with the calendar on the mobile phone jumping from January to February, “opening school, how to start school, and how to start school” became the most talked about in every class group, mother group and tutorial group. Every parent asks three questions a day. < p > < p > in a group of mothers joined by Chen Jing, some people lamented that it was the first time that they could not make clear when their children would return to school after more than ten years as a mother. The answer is not too late. At the beginning of February, the Ministry of education proposed that “classes should not be suspended” and “cloud education” should be carried out. On February 17, primary and secondary schools in Beijing failed to open as scheduled, and the home schooling mode was officially launched. < p > < p > calm down, Chen Jingmo wiped his hands and felt satisfied. Like all parents who choose “Jiwa”, in the past, she always thought that the progress of school education from Monday to Friday was slow and the content was little. According to the requirements of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Chen Jing, who is still in flexible work and does not take new classes during the school period, feels that it is not difficult to make the home life during the Haohao epidemic into an efficient family education time by using online classes and her own arrangement and supervision. “From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, from the big bang to the destruction of the solar system, is enough.”. No matter what happens in the outside world, for 9-year-old boys, the extension of their holidays is something to be happy about. In addition, it is a new thing to have online classes with computers. Facing the home study schedule made by his mother, including mathematics, sports, science and other subjects, Haohao seems to be very cooperative. < p > < p > on the first day, Hao Hao spent nearly two hours reading English novels and planting a can of Mimosa pudica, which is one of the requirements in the home study guidance package sent by the school teacher: plant. < / P > < p > plants don’t change the growth rhythm because of children’s expectation or negligence. I don’t know when four shoots appear in the can, but Haohao’s record book only writes to page 3. There are also a variety of online classes that gradually lose his attention. Children are naturally active. In the past, when they sit in the classroom, they may be distracted. Now in the face of the unchanging computer screen, there is no teacher walking back and forth, and there are no students who can see and touch. It is inevitable that they can’t sit still. < p > < p > more than a week after the implementation of the family education plan, Haohao has spent less than 15 minutes on each online class. Chen Jing even felt that as soon as the web page was opened, her son’s eyes would be straight and his body would be crooked. Chen Jing herself has not been as calm as previously thought. Towards March, only a few pages of the Mathematical Olympiad book she intended to study had been turned. Most of the time, she just sat down in front of her desk, either the work sent by her colleagues to modify or confirm, or some people in the wechat group said that this website can buy masks, that platform can order vegetables, or the pot in the kitchen purrs, urging her to get up and check. The living room at home is more and more like a small computer room. Laptops, headphones and projectors are stacked together, and the floor is covered with wires of various colors in all directions. Chen Jing has to search for her working papers under the vast rubber and pencil sharpener from time to time. < p > < p > in the chaos, Mimosa, which has been on the corner of the table, has been luxuriant, but Chen Jing and Hao Hao didn’t notice, let alone reach out to feel how shy it was. At present, in China, the number of primary school students alone exceeds 100 million. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the time of returning to work was delayed in all regions, but by the end of February, most of the units in the country had resumed work and resumed production. This means that throughout the spring, parents of more than 100 million primary school students have to go to work and worry about their children’s life and study at home. < p > < p > at the end of March, the Shanghai investigation team of the National Bureau of statistics released the report on the investigation of primary and secondary school students during the epidemic period. Nearly 30% of the parents who participated in the survey had a negative attitude when accompanying their children to study at home. 28.2% of the parents had the impulse to beat and scold, and 7.3% said they were tired. It is still unknown when the school will start, but the familiar “Curriculum” has come back. Chen Jing revived her spirit and wanted to put Haohao’s study on the right track again. “How can I know, I was defeated by the huge amount of labor first.”. < p > < p > Beijing Municipal Education Platform, Xicheng District education platform, enterprise wechat, nailing, Tencent conference, classin Different courses answer questions and assignments are submitted on different platforms. Some homework is handed in with the click of the mouse, some homework needs to be photographed, and some homework needs to be recorded. Every night, after Hao Hao sleeps down, Chen Jing has to spend nearly an hour helping him hand in his homework, not counting the time before checking his homework. One day, Chen Jing forgot to hand in her homework because she was too busy. Close to 12 o’clock in the night, her mobile phone received the urging wechat from Hao Hao’s head teacher Wang Xiaoou, “scared me out of bed.”. Wang Xiaoou is also looking forward to starting school earlier. She is Haohao’s head teacher and also the head teacher of 67 other students. However, since her home study started in mid February, Wang Xiaoou feels more like an e-commerce platform customer service, or a 24-hour online one. < p > < p > to record the body temperature of each student, release the school’s notices, documents and materials, and inquire about the students’ Ideological and mental state, which is her regular work content every day. The rest depends on how many emergencies there are on that day. < / P > < p > after each home study guidance package is issued, different parents will have different questions for different contents; some parents will not install online class equipment. After Wang Xiaoou starts teaching on the wire and daily line, there will be students and parents who can’t find the course resource package, some students and parents who don’t know what the homework of the day is, and those who forget to submit their homework Students and parents. What Wang Xiaoou doesn’t understand is that while there are so many people in trouble, there are homework submitted to his system at any time. As a result, she is always ready to grade homework and feedback questions. Due to the unified curriculum resource package adopted in Beijing, Wang Xiaoou and her colleagues do not need to prepare for classes. Every week, only six online Q & A classes and one class meeting make her feel that she is really playing the role of “teacher”. Wang Xiaoou, who has been working for many years, has no idea how many children are listening to the class carefully and how many children are really doing calculations and copying in class practice. Beijing Education looks at Haidian and Haidian education looks at Huangzhuang. Before the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, roads surrounding Huang Zhuang were always congested. Especially in the weekend and winter and summer vacation, the road is full of children carrying schoolbags. < / P > < p > like tourism, catering and other industries, the pause button of “Crazy” tutorial industry in Huangzhuang, Haidian is pressed in a flash. In the bank network center of the landmark building, the doors of most training institutions are closed from the Spring Festival holiday until after May Day. < / P > < p > we can see that the epidemic situation will not disappear in a short period of time. Since February, a number of counseling institutions have transferred their courses online through cooperation with third-party platforms, including head education institutions such as XRS and New Oriental. < p > < p > Haohao’s Olympiad Mathematics class was translated online. In order to show their sincerity, the training institutions reduced the tuition fee by 200 yuan, and also presented several courses of other subjects. However, this does not satisfy parents, “the cost is low, why not lower the price?” “The online class for minutes of disconnection will take nearly two hours” In the wechat group of the tutoring class, parents have their own complaints. The most common complaint is that their children are foolishly giving lessons to the computer screen, and the effect is very poor. There are also parents who ask for a refund. < p > < p > < p > “complaining” did not affect the popularity of online tutoring. Seeing Hao Hao’s growing impatience with online classes, Chen Jing dropped out of her English tutoring class and wanted to change to a later time. “But the other time is full, and as soon as I turn around, the number of people who just dropped out is occupied.” Call counseling agency customer service, the other side attitude is very good, “but there is no way to put the child back.” Chen Jing deeply regrets. “Even if the child listens to 15 minutes in each class, it’s better than no class.” As a parent who used to report to Huangzhuang in Haidian every holiday, she couldn’t contain the idea. < / P > < p > in order to retain students, they rushed to the online tutoring institutions and made every effort. Among them, in the past, the famous teacher classes, which used to be limited to venues and always “hard to find”, no longer limit the number of applicants, so that many families grow up to be surprised. Wei Wei, a fifth grade student, and her mother are a mother and daughter Chen Jing met in Huangzhuang, Haidian. Vivi is a standard “cow baby”. In the past, limited by time and quota, she only attended two math classes, one English class and one Chinese class. Each class lasts three hours, plus the teacher’s drag and round trip, most of the day is gone. Every time we meet, vivi’s mother will complain, “too much trouble.”. During the epidemic period, Wei Wei didn’t have to go to school, and online classes could be played back. Her mother enrolled her in six famous teacher classes — four math classes, two English classes, and two short clock in classes in Chinese. The little girl has strong learning ability and self-discipline beyond her age. She can complete more than 20 learning tasks in a day. “I really hope I can take online classes in the future.” Vivi’s mother said. < / P > < p > it’s just that not every child is a cow. After a month of online classes, many parents did not see the expected progress in their children. Famous teachers speak too fast, and the course is very difficult. Many concepts and methods introduced in one language are unknown to Puwa. I haven’t recovered. A class is over. < / P > < p > is it true that a famous teacher makes a cow baby or a cow baby makes a master? This is just like “chicken or egg first” in extracurricular counseling industry. But after crazy online education during the epidemic, Chen Jing gradually realized that many mothers in the past, including herself