Autumn skin dry, do not always worry about what mask to change, learn this soup, you are also a goddess.

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, three, delicious food, four seasons, thank you for opening this delicious food and graphics, I am a treasure of the 80’s, and I will often share some of the most popular food for you. Has a good look and has the final say. If you like my food sharing, please click on the above to make a friend! Some people say that the reason why the national day of Mid Autumn Festival in 2020 is on the same day is to make up for the regret of the Spring Festival. In these two days, many people go all the way to their hometown to get together with their relatives. The national high speed reappears the congestion of the spring Festival transportation. However, there is no complaint about the journey shared by the circle of friends, which is full of joy, because everyone is blocked on the road In my heart is the expectation of family reunion, so no matter how hard the road is. Mid Autumn Festival reunion dinner is very rich, chicken, duck, fish, hairy crabs, with drinks greasy and stomach injury, after dinner to the family on a bowl of sweet white gourd and tremella soup, adults and children feel appropriate and moist. < / P > < p > Tremella fuciformis is a kind of white fungus known as “common bird’s nest”. In ancient times, it was a nourishing tonic that rich people could afford. Now, because it can be cultivated artificially, ordinary people can also afford it. The natural plant gum in Tremella fuciformis is rich in active ingredients, which can beautify the skin if eaten frequently. Although the nature of wax gourd is cool, it often appears on the table in summer and autumn because it has sufficient water. Wax gourd green skin and white meat is a kind of melon vegetable which is rich in protein and vitamins, but does not contain fat. Because of its strong diuretic effect, it is also called “weight loss melon”. In addition to stir fried vegetables and soup, fresh wax gourd can also be made into drinks with Tremella fuciformis. It is refreshing, sweet and moisturizing, and is very suitable for dry autumn. < / P > < p > 1. First of all, we need to prepare the ingredients for this dish: cut a circle of wax gourd, 200 grams is enough; dry Tremella 20 grams, after soaking, it can be more than three times, the soup is very rich; Lily runqiuzao, you can put a little, 20 grams or so mixed in wax gourd and Tremella is very good. When a dry rose comes out of the pot, it is crushed and sprinkled on the tremella soup to improve color and beauty. To tell you the truth, if the original taste of this white gourd and tremella soup is really not good, it’s best to add an appropriate amount of rock sugar according to your own taste. It tastes sweet and moist, and children also like to drink it. < / P > < p > 2. Put the whole Tremella into a clean bowl, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and soak it for about half an hour before the tremella. The softened Tremella has a better gel effect. Put a spoonful of starch when soaking tremella, which can clean the dust and impurities in the fold of Tremella more cleanly. < / P > < p > 3. Put the lily into a small bowl, pour appropriate amount of water and soak it in advance. Because I use dry lily, the material is hard, so I need to soak it in advance to soften it. If I have fresh lily, I can use it directly. < / P > < p > 4. Gently rub the soft and smooth Tremella with starch and rinse it, then cut off the yellow root, and tear the soft Tremella into small pieces by hand. After processing the tremella, you can cut the wax gourd: peel the wax gourd, remove the flesh, rinse it, and cut it into small pieces of wax gourd with a knife. The ingredients should be cut smaller, and the wall breaker is easier and faster to stir. < / P > < p > 6. Put the torn Tremella into the soybean milk machine, then add Lily and white gourd cubes in turn, and put in an appropriate amount of rock sugar according to your favorite taste. Finally, according to the water level of the soybean milk machine, add milliliter of drinking water. Pay attention that the water level should not exceed the maximum water level of your own soybean milk machine. Put the ingredients and water in place, and then turn on the power. Select the “fast soybean milk” gear and start it for half an hour When about can drink the fine smooth sweet and moist white gourd tremella soup. Turn off the power when you hear the end of the soybean milk machine. Put the white gourd and tremella soup out to cool, sprinkle a little rose petals, it’s delicious and good-looking. Autumn always dry lips, a bowl of moistening and hydrating white gourd and tremella soup, more nourishing than any drink. What about? Is it super simple? If you are smart, you will be smart. If you have time to make a love card for your family, no matter how simple the ingredients are, they will become more delicious! < / P > < p > 1. The folds of Tremella fuciformis are the most likely to hide dirt. When soaking Tremella fuciformis, a spoonful of starch can easily wash it clean. The tremella fuciformis soup is rich and purer. < / P > < p > 3. The proportion of wax gourd and Tremella can be put freely, and those who don’t like to drink thick taste can be reduced slightly. When adding drinking water, do not exceed the maximum water level of soybean milk machine, otherwise it is easy to overflow. < / P > < p > Hi, this is a small kitchen with a long message. Thank you for reading. Today, I share my favorite home cooking process. If it happens that you can use it, learn to do it. By the way, give me a little hand! Finally meet you, don’t walk away in the crowd. Like, collect, comment and forward are also welcome. 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