Autumn weather is dry, drink more water, women use these ingredients to make tea, a cup a day looks good

These days, I here one after another rain, as the saying goes, a autumn rain, a cool. The weather gradually turns cool, that is to say goodbye to the hot summer, more and more can feel the breath of autumn. The climate is dry in autumn. You will feel dry throat and dry tongue when you get up in the morning. Drink more water every day to replenish water. Drinking more water can promote metabolism, and the skin will not feel so dry.

in autumn, the temperature drops in the morning and evening. Most female friends are naturally afraid of the cold. In addition to drinking more hot water, they can also make themselves a cup of red dates, longan and wolfberry tea. Many female friends are busy with their work and taking care of their families. However, they can’t ignore their bodies no matter how busy they are. Only by taking good care of themselves can they better take care of their family and friends around them. This time, I often make red dates and longans to make tea. There is no difficulty in making it. It only takes 10 minutes to make it. If you don’t have time to taste it at home, you can take it back to the unit with a thermos cup, and then taste it when you have time to rest.

red dates and longan are two main ingredients used in the red dates and longan tea. Red dates and longan are very classic collocations and also very common ingredients. I have such a saying here: “every day a jujube, life does not show old.” Jujube is rich in iron and vitamins, often eat red dates can replenish qi and blood, improve resistance and enhance immunity. Longan is dried longan meat. Longan has a sweet taste. It can replenish qi and blood and benefit the heart and spleen. It can also calm the mind. Sometimes I feel nervous and have a bad sleep. I will make tea with longan or boil soup with longan to help relieve tension and improve sleep quality. Female friends often use red dates and longan to make tea or boil soup, especially when the weather turns cold, drink more red dates and longan tea, not cold hands and feet in winter.

the first step is to prepare the ingredients for making red dates and longan tea. In addition to the red dates and longan introduced earlier, Lycium barbarum and roses can be put into the tea. Lycium barbarum contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, calcium and iron and other trace elements. It has the effect of clearing liver and eyesight. Many people often use mobile phones or computers. Making tea with medlar is good for eyes. Lycium barbarum can also protect the liver and anti fatigue. In addition to ornamental roses, dried roses can be used to make tea, which can promote digestion and decompose fat. Making tea with roses can also beautify and beautify the skin and make the skin tender and glossy.

my family’s kettle has been in use for several years. Recently, I learned that there is a kind of kettle selected by glory. I learned that this kind of kettle is called Shiping intelligent constant temperature electric kettle. I was first attracted by its beauty. I bought a white kettle, which is simple and atmospheric, and looks good everywhere. Half open handle, one key to open the cover, one hand can operate. This intelligent constant temperature electric kettle has a capacity of 1.5 liters, which is large enough to meet the demand of drinking water for one day.

the 1800 watt intelligent constant temperature electric kettle with high power can quickly boil and shorten the waiting time. When the “boil” button is activated, the temperature of boiled water can be seen from the temperature display screen, and the water temperature can also be observed through the lamp ring on the base. The water temperature at room temperature is white, orange at 36 ℃ to 75 ℃, and red when it is higher than 75 ℃. Press the heat preservation key to set the “40 degrees, 55 degrees and 85 degrees” heat preservation function.

I like the intelligent constant temperature electric kettle of Shiping, because it is intelligent. You can remotely control the kettle through the mobile app, and you can set the boiling or heat preservation. If you are busy working and feel that it is troublesome to boil water, you can use your mobile phone to control the kettle to enter the boiling state.

the intelligence of the intelligent constant temperature electric kettle is also reflected in the fact that when the kettle is lifted and poured, it will automatically keep warm when it is put back to the base within 20 minutes, and there is no need to repeat the operation.

since the introduction of the smart constant temperature electric kettle, I drink more water every day. Its beauty is not only in appearance, but also in its function. Making tea and drinking coffee become very simple.

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