Autumn women often eat it, equal to the skin care products on the face, beauty and beauty!

In fact, fish roe is very common in our daily life, but it is not so easy to make it well. If it is not handled properly, the whole dish will be particularly fishy and tasteless. < / P > < p > in autumn, female friends should eat this dish more. The nutritional content of fish roe is very high. Eating fish roe often can help us to keep our face beautiful, which is equivalent to smearing skin care products on our face, which is both beautiful and beautiful We not only need external application, but also need internal adjustment. Fish roe contains elements that our body needs. Fish roe contains a lot of high-quality protein, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. When I was a child, my grandmother often said that eating fish roe often can make us smart, because the lecithin in fish roe can effectively help us strengthen our brain. However, one thing we should pay attention to is that fish roe contains a lot of cholesterol, so obese people and hypertension patients are not suitable to eat too much fish roe. Let’s take a look at this nutritious and nourishing method of braised fish roe in brown sauce. After learning it, we can show our skills for our families, and it’s too much to eat with rice. First of all, we need to prepare the above food materials: fish roe, green onion, ginger, garlic, garlic, garlic sprouts, Zanthoxylum, star anise. After preparation, we need to wash the fish roe repeatedly with water and put it into the basin for standby. Next, we will prepare the above condiments. After the green onion is cleaned and cut into sections, the garlic is ready to be sliced, the garlic sprout is cut off, and the star anise, pepper and egg are all ready for standby. When the oil temperature is 60%, we put the fish roe into the pan for frying. After the fish roe solidifies, we turn it to the other side for frying. Put the right amount of cooking oil into the pot, when the oil temperature is 60%, we put the pepper in the pan and stir fry it to give the flavor. As shown in the figure, it can be put into the spoon, so that the pepper seeds don’t need to be fished out. < p > < p > 11. Slowly simmer with a small fire, and finally add garlic sprouts to improve the taste. Turn on the high fire to collect juice. The nutritious and healthy braised fish roe is finished in this way. < / P > < p > 1. There is a thin film on the surface of fish roe. We need to tear the film off and put it into a bowl to add eggs. This can make the fish roe shape in the frying process. The fish roe added with eggs is more nutritious and tastes more layered. During the frying process, the fish roe should be boiled slowly with a low heat, not with a high fire, otherwise the fish roe will paste hard and affect the taste. When returning to the pot, the seasoning must not be omitted, otherwise the taste will change. Focus