Baby spleen and stomach weak rely on “tune”, mother do 4 things, spleen and stomach will be better day by day!

All aspects of the baby’s body is not yet mature, especially the weak gastrointestinal function, careless diarrhea, constipation, damage to the health of the spleen and stomach. Of course, there are many mothers reflect that their baby in addition to the above mentioned gastrointestinal diseases, weight and height development is not obvious. Appear this kind of circumstance, already explained the baby spleen stomach is weak, affected the absorption of nutrition, do not have sufficient nutrition, the body grows slowly naturally. That for these weak spleen and stomach baby how to recuperate? Mother might as well try these four methods, I believe it will be of great help.

for the baby with weak spleen and stomach, the mother must strictly control the diet, and try to eat less high-fat and high-fat food for the baby, otherwise it is easy to cause food accumulation and indigestion, and further damage the spleen and stomach. Mom might as well choose some easy to digest and absorb food, such as eggs, fish, porridge, etc. is very good, nutrition and health. Of course, if the baby is fed with milk powder, it is suggested that his mother buy him some goat milk powder to drink. After all, the fat ball of goat milk is only 1 / 3 of the milk, and the pure goat milk protein formula is more compatible with the baby’s intestinal tract. After drinking it, the digestion is good and the belly is more comfortable. Some sheep milk powder also added probiotics prebiotics, can help baby better conditioning intestinal health, very suitable for spleen weak baby.

a baby with weak spleen and stomach will have a decline in digestive capacity, so don’t give him too much to eat every meal, which will increase his gastrointestinal burden and cause many gastrointestinal diseases. Mom might as well follow the principle of less food and more meals. It would be better to change three meals a day into four or five meals a day. However, no matter how many meals the baby eats a day, the time of each meal should be fixed. Otherwise, if you are hungry and full, you will hurt your spleen and stomach.

after food is chewed by teeth and enters the stomach and intestines, the gastrointestinal system starts to operate, decomposing, digesting and absorbing food. In order to reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal system, the mother can massage the baby’s abdomen for 20 minutes after meal, so as to promote the blood circulation around the abdomen and accelerate the gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that the food can be digested more quickly. In the massage, the mother should pay attention to gentle strength, in order to prevent the baby nausea, vomiting.

once the baby’s abdomen gets cold, it will lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea, which will cause great damage to the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the mother must do a good job in keeping the baby’s abdomen warm, especially now the weather is still relatively cold, clothing must keep warm. Usually, also want to give the baby less to eat raw and cold food, otherwise it will also stimulate his gastrointestinal mucosa, causing diarrhea. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!