Baby’s big eyes, never eat grapes to eat out, these factors play a decisive role

So “pregnant mother eat grapes during pregnancy, baby’s eyes will get bigger” is praised by many Baoma. The grapes look big and round, so can they really become what pregnant mothers want?

neither Ann nor her husband’s eyes are very big, but Ann wants her baby’s eyes to be bigger. Because of her obsession with her baby’s big eyes, Ann asked many friends the secret of giving birth to “big eyes baby”. One of them said, “I ate a lot of grapes during pregnancy. When the baby was born, her eyes were very big and bright!” The friend’s description made Ann very excited, so the grape was arranged that night.

after grapes became an essential fruit for An’an every day, An’an’s weight also increased in a straight line. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the doctor suggested that An’an should control her sugar intake. After learning that An’an ate grapes every day, the doctor suggested that An’an should eat less. “The sugar in grapes is too high. Eating too much may lead to too high sugar in the blood, leading to gestational diabetes mellitus.”

but Ann didn’t do what the doctor said, “I’ll be born in a few months, so I have to eat fast, or the baby’s eyes will really take shape.”

at the time of labor, the fetus was overweight and had to be delivered by caesarean section. When Ann regained consciousness and saw her child at first sight, Ann felt that her “persistence” during pregnancy was useless.

the child’s small eyes narrowed into a slit. Why didn’t Ann doubt that the child was held wrong? That’s because the child’s appearance and the child’s father are just like grade one! Seeing an an’s collapse, an an’s husband couldn’t help joking, “look, our son’s eyes should not be eating grapes. Maybe you stole raisins to make trouble!”

the size of a child’s eyes has nothing to do with eating grapes or not. It’s the genes that really affect the size of a child’s eyes. If the parents have big eyes, the children’s eyes are genetically affected, and the probability of having big eyes is very high. And the double eyelid, which determines the size of the eye, is most affected by genetic factors.

the taste of blueberry is fragrant, which is suitable for pregnant women. Blueberries contain a lot of anthocyanins, which are very good for the development of fetal retina.

it can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in retinal cells, which is also beneficial to the development of fetal vision. In terms of blood sugar, blueberry is not relatively moderate.

the taste of virgin fruit is very popular with pregnant mothers, and the vitamins contained in it are very necessary for fetal development. Proper use of virgin fruit during pregnancy can make your baby’s eyes more vivid. In addition, virgin fruit has the advantage of whitening the baby, which is a suitable fruit for pregnancy.

apple is a common kind of fruit all year round, which contains trace element selenium and vitamin A, which have a very significant impact on the development of fetal vision.

if you eat some apples properly, your baby’s eyesight will be sharper after birth. Moreover, the dietary fiber in fruits is more, which can relieve constipation of pregnant women.

big eyes are good, but they are most affected by heredity, so pregnant mothers don’t have to be too obsessed with the size of their children’s eyes to ensure that their children have bright eyes with good eyesight. The diet during pregnancy determines the nutrient intake of pregnant women, so it is necessary to eat more scientifically during pregnancy. What’s your opinion on “taking shape to supplement shape” during pregnancy? Focus