Bad stomach, bad breath! 3 habits and 4 attention to keep the stomach healthy!

In traditional Chinese medicine, spleen and stomach are the foundation of postnatal. We also know that only if the spleen and stomach are healthy, can we eat them and enjoy health. But most of the modern diet is irregular, and the spleen and stomach are easy to be uncoordinated, which leads to poor appetite, aversion to obesity, diarrhea and other symptoms. So, how do we know that our stomach is good?

generally speaking, the lips with a good stomach are ruddy, moderately dry and wet, smooth and bright; and if the stomach is bad, it has no blood color, appears very dry, and the skin is easy to break and crack. If the digestion ability of spleen and stomach is insufficient, there will be problems such as bad breath and bad breath.

if the eyes are often red and swollen and the face is swollen, it may also be the problem of the spleen and stomach. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is accumulated heat and fire in the stomach, which may lead to inflammation of the upper meridian to the eyes.

the meaning of cooking is to sterilize, soften food, help digestion and absorption, and has certain maintenance significance for stomach. Such as sashimi, oysters and other food, without cooking will contain parasites or bacteria, thus affecting the health of the stomach.

the stomach is a warm organ. It is very sensitive to cold stimulation. Cold dishes, cold drinks and fruits that have not been washed can cause acute gastroenteritis, which is the main culprit of stomach injury. In addition, patients with chronic stomach disease should pay special attention to keep the stomach warm, and cover the quilt when they go to bed at night to prevent stomach cold, causing stomach pain or aggravating the disease.

when starvation, gastric acid secretion has great damage to gastric mucosa. When the stomach eats too much, gastric acid secretion is insufficient, causing dyspepsia and other problems, gastric acid naturally appears, bloating, stomachache and other symptoms. Therefore, eating must be quantitative, must not be hungry, more can not eat too full, eat too full!

people subconsciously think that food in the refrigerator is safe, convenient and hygienic. We hardly know that refrigerators are hiding places for many bacteria. According to the Institute of science and health, more than 57% of gastrointestinal diseases are caused by cross contamination of food bacteria in refrigerators. If you eat food that is infected with these bacteria, you will also have intestinal diseases. In addition, you should eat more steamed bread, steamed rice rolls, steamed rice rolls, steamed rice rolls, steamed rice rolls and steamed rice rolls.

clove, hawthorn, yam, Hericium erinaceus, lotus seed, Amomum villosum and other ingredients can be used to nourish the spleen and stomach. We add these ingredients to the casserole and boil them together. Then we can drink them warm to nourish the stomach and protect the stomach.

at ordinary times, no matter how busy we are, we should pay attention to our health. We can drink health preserving raw tea to conserve our spleen and stomach. If we don’t want to make our own tea, we can choose a ready-made tea bag with yangweiling.

eating with anger, tension and other bad emotions will weaken the digestive function of the stomach, and even lead to disorder, so we should keep a happy mood, especially when eating. Focus