Ban the reward function of minors and kill the dishonest wealth of the live broadcasting industry

Recently, the State Administration of radio and television (SARFT) has issued a request that the live broadcast platform of online show venues implement real name management for network anchors and “reward” users. Users who are not registered under the real name system can not give rewards, and minors can not give rewards. Real name verification, face recognition and manual verification should be adopted to ensure the implementation of the real name system and ban the reward function of minor users. < / P > < p > for minors, live online shows are too “dangerous” in the world. In this “flow cashing” profit seeking game, we have the responsibility to protect children from being excessively involved in it. < / P > < p > ban the reward function of minor users, and there is no lack of basis. A major premise is that minors do not have independent economic income and they do not have full civil capacity. In reality, most of the time, the rewards given by minors are tied to their parents’ third-party payment accounts or bank cards. In other words, this kind of behavior is usually accompanied by the situation of “embezzlement and embezzlement of fund account” Since the sources of funds are unauthorized and illegal, the transactions derived from them can not be recognized by law. It’s just a dishonest gain to earn a reward for minors. In this regard, the anchor and the platform have known it for a long time. < / P > < p > it must be noted that the essence of “live video reward” is very complex. It is like “consumption” and “gift”. The minor users often can’t understand exactly what they have done, so they throw money out for no reason. In fact, the truth behind this is well explained: in the quasi closed space of the live broadcasting room, the anchor and the audience are in a very unequal game position. The anchor has an absolute advantage in speech organization, emotional agitation, passion induction and other aspects, which means that fans who are not deep in Taoism are easy to get involved in it and become “human flesh cash dispenser” – adult users can’t stop it, let alone the immature people who are not deeply involved in the world. Since minors do not have the economic ability and judgment ability to “reward”, it is a matter of course to ban their reward function. This method is simple and direct, and can be said to be a permanent solution in theory. However, what needs to be asked is how to accurately screen out the underage users? Does real name verification such as face recognition work? For all these, it is obviously waiting for the platform to give a clear technical solution. As far as parents are concerned, they must also ask themselves: can they really control their children? Can we not let “mobile phone bring baby”? After all, a lot of minors reward them with their mobile phones and IP addresses. < / P > < p > forbidding minors to reward is one thing, while “strictly guarding against death” in the real situation is another. If there are norms, all parties should perform their duties and cooperate in the implementation. Focus