Baobao just born, want to drink water or milk? Most novice parents make mistakes

“Every newborn is born, the parents are very confused, because although we are ready to meet, but when we really see it with our own eyes, our brain is still blank” < / P > < p > but this is also excusable. It is like you change a new job. Even if you are fully prepared, but you do not have any experience, just take over, will be very confused, do not know how to do What do you do. < / P > < p > then at this time, we need to constantly explore and learn, in order to do as much as possible a little better. After all, newborns are really vulnerable, after all, newborns send nicknames: “human cubs”. < / P > < p > this requires us to be careful in all aspects. I believe that when many Baoma mothers just take over the newborn, the first question they encounter is whether the baby should drink milk or water? Xiaoliu can be said to be a super competent mother, because during the pregnancy on a variety of scientific pregnancy, in order to make the baby develop better, she was pregnant according to some books or materials. After pregnancy, she paid more attention to it. No matter whether she liked it or not, as long as it was good for the child, she was willing to try it. Finally, it was the day of childbirth, and she watched a lump of tender pink meat being carried over. < p > < p > both Xiao Liu and her husband were very happy because the baby was still sleeping at that time. The doctors and nurses told them some precautions for lying in women and left. When the child woke up, they began to cry. People said that the child was hungry. < p > < p > so he asked Xiao Liu to breast feed, but Xiao Liu said: “it’s said in the book that a newborn baby must drink water for the first time. It can clean up oral bacteria and can’t drink breast milk.”. < p > < p > so the family rushed to get the water, but the baby was still crying. After a while, Xiao Liu’s breast was swollen and painful, and it was as hard as a stone. Then the doctor came and asked her to breastfeed. As a result, there was no milk to suck, and the mother’s milk was blocked. < / P > < p > in fact, this is also because many parents consider children’s affairs from the perspective of adults. In other words, many parents think that water is the most harmless thing, because the baby is too fragile. This sentence was commented by netizens on a platform, because the water is rich in trace elements, and there are many nutrients needed by the body, which are the most natural things without side effects. < / P > < p > therefore, many parents also think that the best way to give a newborn baby is water. Without side effects, it can also clean the mouth, because the baby drank amniotic fluid in the mother’s stomach for 10 months. < p > < p > when Baobao was born, it was the best to drink milk for the first time. The milk here refers to breast milk, because breast milk is really more nutritious than water. < / P > < p > “the nutrients in breast milk are complete, the proportion is reasonable, and it contains a variety of immune active substances, which is suitable for infants with rapid growth and development and whose physiological functions have not yet fully developed” < / P > < p > moreover, breastfeeding has always been advocated by the state. After all, breast milk is the most irreplaceable nutrition and the most healthy and pollution-free, and the baby’s first breast milk will make the baby more adaptable The taste of breast milk. < / P > < p > many babies can’t accept the taste and taste of breast milk, so this is the first palatability problem. If you feed milk powder to your baby for the first time, the baby will accept the taste of milk powder more quickly. < / P > < p > as a result, they will be more and more away from breast milk, or even resist, which will lead to the baby’s nutrition can not be best absorbed, because there is no way to compare the nutrition of milk powder and breast milk, so it is best for children to drink milk for the first time. < / P > < p > that is to say, you can breastfeed an hour after your mother’s birth, and the earlier you breastfeed, the better for your mother, because your body reacts when your child is breastfeeding. < / P > < p > this time can help your uterus contraction exercise, because the uterus is greatly expanded by the child, and after birth, the elasticity of the uterus will be damaged. < p > < p > and early breast-feeding can help our uterine contraction and recovery, can help our uterus to return to normal, otherwise it is easy to have a cough or hard on the leakage of urine phenomenon. It is very easy for mothers to stop breast milk when they have breast milk. < / P > < p > at this time, severe mastitis may even be accompanied by mastitis, which is double pain. If mastitis is not treated in time, it is likely to evolve into later breast cancer. < / P > < p > this disease is really terrible. For women, it is equivalent to being sentenced to death. If the mild illness is good, you may have to sacrifice one breast, but if it is severe, it is really hard to say. After all, there are many women who have died of breast cancer. Singer Yao Beina died of this disease at a young age, which can be said to be a pity. Focus