Become afraid of heat after pregnancy? It’s a fact. It’s caused by three reasons. The pregnant mother is afraid of heat. Follow me

It is said that pregnant women are afraid of heat. Mothers who have not experienced pregnancy may not know, but those who have been pregnant may feel a sudden enlightenment, because,. The lazy mother first heard this saying when she was a teenager watching TV. At that time, the TV didn’t say why, but she also felt very strange. Why would pregnant women be more afraid of heat? Interested partners to learn about it!

in fact, this is caused by the special reasons of pregnant women. After all, we are pregnant women now, and there must be differences in other places besides the belly. And

I believe many people know that in a woman’s menstrual cycle, the body temperature before ovulation is relatively normal, that is to say, the basal body temperature is the lowest on the day of ovulation, On the second day after ovulation, the body temperature will rise. It should be said that the body temperature will rise to about 37 degrees, which is 0.3-0.5 degrees higher than the basic body temperature. In fact, the reason why the body temperature will rise is because the secretion of progesterone after ovulation stimulates the body temperature center, resulting in the body temperature higher than the basic body temperature.

if, during this ovulation period, our Miss L Zi meets her dream lover Mr. J. and becomes a fertilized egg, this small fertilized egg can have great power to continue releasing progesterone from the ovary. If progesterone is insufficient, it can not maintain normal pregnancy. If progesterone continues to rise, the temperature of pregnant mother will also rise.

so there is a saying when you are just pregnant. If your body temperature rises after ovulation and lasts for more than 21 days, you can generally be regarded as pregnant.

during pregnancy, in order to maintain a normal pregnancy, more progesterone will be secreted. These progesterone will stimulate the thermoregulation center, resulting in higher body temperature of pregnant mother than that of ordinary people, and they will be more afraid of heat. Especially in the hot summer, the temperature is already high, for pregnant women it is even hotter.

after pregnancy, a pregnant mother is not only responsible for her own needs. After pregnancy, the blood flow of pregnant women will increase by 30% compared with that before pregnancy. Due to the increase of blood flow of pregnant women, blood circulation is accelerated, and the speed of metabolism is also fast. At the same time, the heat that needs to be excluded from the body will also increase.

some pregnant mothers are afraid of heat before they get pregnant. For example, obese pregnant mothers are already sweating all the time, and they are even more afraid of heat after pregnancy.

there is another kind of pregnant mother with poor physique. She is not very good at regulating her body temperature. She is more afraid of cold in winter and more afraid of heat in summer. If she encounters a big summer after pregnancy, she is definitely more afraid of heat than ordinary people.

lazy mothers belong to the first type. They are very afraid of the cold before they are pregnant. Their hands and feet are very cold. They want to stay out all day in winter. It changes completely after pregnancy. It’s impossible to get hot in summer, even in winter. In the winter of pregnancy, you only need to cover with a thin quilt and only wear two clothes at the coldest time. The whole winter is not too cold. It’s amazing.

but not all pregnant women are like this. Although the physiological changes are the same, the feelings will be different. Some pregnant mothers will feel chilly during pregnancy. This is also a normal phenomenon, and it is not necessary to deal with them specially.

you can eat more heat clearing and heat relieving foods, such as wax gourd bean curd soup, mung bean porridge, etc. If the constitution is not too bad, you can eat some watermelon, pear, and usually drink more water to supplement the loss of fluid in the body.

try not to eat food with fire, such as fried food. If you eat too much, it is easy to get on fire. Pregnant women are more likely to feel hot and may cause constipation. Try not to eat too hot food, such as hot pot, pregnant women’s body is already hot, if you eat these hot food, it can be even hotter. Do not eat some frozen food because it is too hot, so as not to cause diarrhea and stomachache. 3、

if the pregnant mother feels that it is too hot, she can open the doors and windows and turn on the fan so that the air can pass through the house and dissipate heat properly. If even the air is hot, the pregnant mother can turn on the air conditioner to reduce the temperature. Don’t adjust the air conditioner too low. It’s good to be around 25 degrees. When taking a bath, you should control the temperature of the bath water. When the weather is hot, it will be about 38 degrees. Lazy mother reminds us:

no matter how hot it is, pregnant mothers must not blow directly at the fan. It is better to sit not too close to the fan. Don’t sit at the air outlet of the air conditioner to avoid catching cold.

pregnant mothers should try to choose when the sun is smaller, such as in the morning and afternoon, and do not go out when the sun is the biggest at noon. When you go out, you’d better take an umbrella or put on a sunscreen suit. Don’t let the sun directly shine on your body, otherwise it will be hotter. If the sun is still large, try not to walk, you can go by car or under the eaves. If the pregnant mother wants to take a walk, but the sun is bigger, she can do it indoors, or she will go out after the sun goes down completely. Anyway, try not to get out in the sun.

Based on the above reasons, the body temperature of pregnant women is indeed higher than that of ordinary people, so it is hotter than ordinary people. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to find ways to make themselves not so hot, because it is not good for the fetus because it is too hot. It may lead to fetal hypoxia because of too hot, so this is also a problem worthy of attention. But in any case, pregnancy is only 10 months, even if the reheat will only go through a summer, the pregnant mother insisted on. Focus