Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, give the family to drink this soup, moisten the fire to autumn dryness, the elderly and children are suitable

The autumn equinox is a solar term that bisects the autumn. Before the equinox, the heat is still there, so we still feel very hot and stuffy. < / P > < p > the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Although the moon cakes are delicious, they are high in oil and sugar. Eating more is easy to get on fire, Remember to drink some hot and moist soup, and also pay attention to diet in the small long vacation. < / P > < p > today, I’d like to share with you a home-made soup. The main ingredients of this soup are dried Sydney, sea coconut king, apricot, tangerine peel, yam and pig bone. Sydney is one of the fruits that must be eaten in autumn. Dried Sydney is made by slicing and baking fresh pears. We can usually buy more dried pears for soaking in water or boiling soup. < / P > < p > the sea coconut king is like a mini version of coconut. Its fragrance is more intense than coconut, and the price is relatively expensive. A sea coconut king with a big palm costs more than 10 yuan. < p > < p > the combination of Sydney, sea coconut, Lily and apricot is very suitable for autumn soup or sugar water. The benefits of yam are not much to say. This soup also uses tangerine peel. The fragrant tangerine peel has the function of regulating qi and appetizing. This soup is sweet, moist and not greasy. It is a home-made nourishing soup that the whole family can drink. Collect it and cook it for your family in autumn! < p > < p > food preparation: 200g pig bone, 3 pieces of dried pear, 15g of North and South apricot, 4-5 pieces of dried yam, 15g dried lily, 1 piece of tangerine peel, 1 piece of sea coconut emperor < / P > < p > 1, wash the pig bone, add water that has not been used to boil it for 2 minutes, boil the bleeding foam, and then take out the pig bone and wash it, drain the water for standby. 2. Rinse the sea coconut king, do not peel, cut directly, and then cut into thin strips. This is the sea coconut king, not the sea coconut. Please don’t buy it wrong. There is no water in the sea coconut king. It has a very strong smell of coconut milk. It tastes sweeter than coconut. Soak some dry materials in water for a while. Soak the slices of Sydney, dried lily, apricot and tangerine peel together. North and South apricot is south apricot and North apricot mixed together, South apricot 10 grams, North almond 5 grams. After the dried tangerine peel is softened, scrape off the white stuff inside with a knife, so that the soup will not have bitterness. Put pork bone, sea coconut emperor and soaked dry materials into the soup pot, add proper amount of water, boil it over fire for 50 minutes, and finally add some salt to seasoning. < / P > < p > this soup is clear and sweet, with rich coconut fragrance. My children like to drink this soup very much. Mothers can often cook this soup for their children to drink. The children have less cough and better body. < / P > < p > before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, it is suitable for the elderly and children. Friends who like delicious food can pay attention to “a little cooking”. Xiaobian will share different food recipes every day. This picture and text work is original “a little boiled”, your attention, forwarding and comments are the greatest encouragement and support for it. It is strictly forbidden to embezzle the bad we media. Embezzlement must be investigated! HEALTHY LIFE