Before cervical lesions, you have countless “self-help” opportunities, some people again and again ignored

Cervical problems, women are more concerned, but often not aware of, has appeared lesions, which are mostly related to the early symptoms are not obvious, so many women in the detection of cervical lesions, a pair of incredible appearance. However, although cervical lesions do not itch, but careful observation, or can be found.

26 year old Li Lin recently found a bad smell in her lower body. At first, her boyfriend Li Lin thought it was a joke. Only when her colleagues quietly told her that she did have a bad smell did Li Lin pay attention to it. Not only that, Li Lin after observation also found that cohabitation with her boyfriend, lower body bleeding.

this makes Li Lin even more panic. Driven by her uneasiness, Li Lin decides to go for an examination, but what she didn’t expect is that this examination will find out cervical lesions, Cin2. In the face of this result, Li Lin couldn’t accept it. She sat on the ground, her boyfriend comforting her silently.

secretion is known as the “barometer” of women. If you find that it is accompanied by a strong fishy smell, you should be careful. It may be caused by cervical lesions, infection and necrosis of surrounding cells. In general, the secretion has no taste, so we should pay special attention to the smell.

irregular bleeding means that there is bleeding at other times besides menstruation, but it is not caused by menstruation, but by other reasons. Common cervical lesions will appear inexplicable lower body bleeding, but the general amount of bleeding is relatively small.

menstruation usually comes once a month, but if you have menstruation several times a month, you have to be alert. This is mostly due to problems in the cervix. When cervical cells are abnormal, secretion will be affected, and menstruation will naturally be abnormal.

if you have the above symptoms, you should be careful. It is recommended to check them as soon as possible. In order to protect cervical health, we need to improve our own immunity and enhance the activity of immune cells, so as to eliminate HPV more quickly.

it is suggested that we should start with nutrition supplement in our daily life, and supplement more active substances that are beneficial to enhance phagocytes, such as protein Selenium Solution of Komatsu, which contains selenium, polysaccharide, nucleic acid and other substances. Regular supplement can improve the activity of immune cells. However, people who want to quickly enhance their immunity also need to exercise to improve their immunity, but this requires long-term adherence.

to a certain extent, the regularity of work and rest also depends on the level of immunity. Often stay up late, will affect the immune system, over time will make the body in a sub-health state, immunity will be reduced. Therefore, it is suggested to go to bed early and get up early at ordinary times, and sleep for 7-8 hours, so as to improve immunity.

regular examination can timely understand their own situation and prevent further deterioration of the disease. Especially for women infected with HPV, don’t think that the virus will be removed automatically after 2 years. It’s just because this kind of fluke psychology is likely to promote cervical lesions, so it’s recommended to have a relevant examination every year to know the situation in time. PARRENT&CHILDREN