Before entering the delivery room, these three kinds of things must not forget to take, less with the same maternal to suffer a lot more crime

Every mother is great. She gives birth in October. Those who have never had a child have no way to understand the pain. Especially at the moment of labor, the pain they suffered, the pressure they suffered, the contractions and pains they suffered, all depended on their maternal love and perseverance.

when a woman is facing such great pain, her family should try their best to do something for her, instead of just standing beside her. There are always some novice Bao PA, or inexperienced family members, who only know how to accompany the lying in women and look at them at a loss.

Ms. Wang encountered this problem. A few days before she was in labor, her family sent her to the hospital early, and the rest of the things were at a loss. Although she was taken care of properly, she had no experience after all. Just as Ms. Wang was struggling to give birth to her baby, her body lost a lot of energy. At this time, the doctor asked for supplementary food, but the whole family was stunned and didn’t know what to do. So much so that all the tissues and pajamas, and even the food to replenish energy at that time, were bought out by the husband.

as family members, the husband and mother-in-law are very anxious and concerned about their daughter-in-law, but what they do is they are totally new, inexperienced and not helpful.

I hope that before every pregnant woman enters the delivery room, her family members and the pregnant woman can make a complete preparation, so don’t forget to take the following three things. If you take less, you will suffer a lot.

Why bring clean and clean clothes? We all know that in the process of parturition, it is easy for a woman to have incontinence, and with the discharge of lochia after childbirth, her previous clothes will definitely be dirty, and even the sheets will be stained.

at this time, clean and comfortable clothes need to be prepared. Once the parturient gives birth successfully, their families need to help them change into clean clothes to make the parturient sleep more comfortable.

before entering the delivery room, the family members must prepare the food to supplement their physical strength in advance. You can ask the doctor what the puerpera can eat at present, and the family members should be ready to take it with them at any time.

because giving birth is a physical work, sometimes it takes a day and a night to struggle. In this process, pregnant women will lose a lot of energy, which requires timely supplement of energy and food, preservation of physical strength, and help them produce successfully.

this point may be ignored by many family members and father Bao. As we have just said, during the process of giving birth, with the discharge of lochia and incontinence of urine and feces, it is very easy for a woman to stain her clothes or bed sheets, and it is also very easy for her to be infected with bacteria and cause diseases.

prepare soft toilet paper and tampon in advance, wipe them in time, keep a clean environment, which is also conducive to the smooth progress of production, and also make the puerpera more comfortable.

the above three things, as much as possible, are the same, less one is likely to make pregnant women into embarrassment. The original production process has been very difficult, if you let the maternal because less prepared some things and produce greater pressure and negative emotions, it will not be conducive to the smooth progress of production.

therefore, the family members should be fully prepared to let the puerpera know that you are not fighting alone, our family is your strong backing. Of course, Baoma in the process of pregnancy, in order to make delivery more smoothly, in fact, we should also pay attention to the following points.

I hope that the family can pay more attention to the delivery of the puerpera. Before the puerpera enters the delivery room, the family should pay attention to the above three things and make sufficient preparations. During pregnancy, pregnant women and their families should pay more attention to the above items, so that the delivery can be more smooth. Finally, I hope that every puerpera can give birth to a healthy baby smoothly and every family can live happily.

did you bring these things with you when you gave birth? Do you remember what you prepared when you gave birth? What do you think is necessary? Welcome to comment and share your experience. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!