Before going to bed 2 movements, or is quietly “injury” kidney, men try to do less

Kidney is a very important detoxification metabolic organ in our body. Most of the harmful substances and toxins in our body are excreted through kidney metabolism. Thus, the health of kidney is very important for health.

for male friends, they hope to have a pair of healthy kidneys, which can not only enhance men’s personal charm, but also help improve the happiness index of life.

we need to maintain the health of the kidney in our daily life. Male friends should do less of these two actions before going to bed, or they are quietly harming the kidney.

many people’s work is very special, they can’t eat three meals regularly, and even have a full meal when they eat. I don’t know that this kind of diet not only increases the burden of the body, but also may affect the kidney.

because if you eat too little in the last meal, you will unconsciously eat a lot of food in the next meal, which will not only increase the burden of the stomach, but also cause obesity.

if you eat dinner too late, you may not get enough rest for your kidneys and increase the burden on your kidneys. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep eating dinner before 8 o’clock.

as the saying goes, “it’s good to drink a little, but it’s bad to drink a lot”. Some male friends also drink a little wine in their daily life. China is a country with a long history of wine culture. It is necessary to drink less wine in our daily life. It’s not going to have much impact on the body.

but if you drink a lot before going to bed, it may seriously aggravate the burden of the liver, and even lead to some components in the alcohol into the blood, induce blood pressure and lipid instability, and then affect the health of the kidney.

for people with poor kidney, it’s better to eat more of these kinds of food in their daily diet. It may help replenish kidney qi and maintain kidney health.

walnut is a very popular nut. This kind of food has high nutritional value and has the effect of Tonifying the brain. For the middle-aged and old people, eating a few walnuts every day can also help alleviate osteoporosis.

in addition, soup also has the effect of maintaining the kidney. If you can insist on eating a few every day, it can help replenish the kidney qi. You can not only eat walnuts directly, but also peel them out to make porridge.

Traditional Chinese medicine stresses black into the kidney, so black beans are a very good food for nourishing the kidney. In the traditional Chinese concept, there is a saying that the shape of black beans is complementary to the shape of the kidney, so for people with poor kidneys, they can also eat more black beans in their daily diet.

Auricularia auricula is the scavenger of the lung. For people with poor lung, you can eat some Auricularia auricula properly, which can help clear the lung and moisten the lung. In addition, it can also supplement the kidney qi. So for people with poor kidney, you might as well put some Auricularia auricula when cooking, which can not only improve the freshness, but also eat healthily.

Lycium barbarum is recognized as a kind of kidney nourishing food, and it is also a very good health preservation material. In recent two years, more and more people began to pay attention to health preservation. I believe that some health preserving people should know the efficacy of Lycium barbarum.

Lycium barbarum can help invigorate the kidney and produce sperm. Betaine and various trace elements in Lycium barbarum can also accelerate cell regeneration and delay aging. There are many ways to eat Lycium barbarum, not only can you eat it directly, but also can be used to drink in water or make porridge.

mulberry is a kind of seasonal fruit. Fully mature mulberry tastes sweet and tastes very good. In addition, mulberry also has the effect of tonifying kidney and liver. If you eat mulberry or drink it in dry water during the mature season, it can help relieve the burden of kidney and maintain kidney health. HEALTHY LIFE