Before going to bed, block this part with index finger, which is better than eating ginseng and bird’s nest!

This method is a set of health preserving techniques used by Mr. Wan Laisheng, a great master of the natural gate.

Wan Lao said that this skill is better than how many ginseng and bird’s nest you eat, and it is called “childlike skill”. This boy’s skill does not mean that a boy can practice, but that regular practice can help us recover our body and make us energetic.

before we go to bed at night, we put our index finger in our ears to make it airtight, not too tight or too loose, and then breathe naturally. We can sleep safely in about two or three minutes.

Note: Wan Lao’s childlike skill is a treasure, and ordinary people can benefit from it. The practice method is simple, and it can be practiced for ten minutes before going to bed every day, which is most suitable for the rhythm of modern people’s life. This skill is natural. It can also replenish the brain and strengthen the body.

as soon as the body’s semen is full, it will leak out. If you practice this skill, you can turn yuan essence into vitality and return to essence and replenish brain. ” He also said: “solid essence and gas, return essence and brain, the effect is great, than how much ginseng, bird’s nest eat are strong.”

you may think it’s a bit mysterious. You might as well try it. Anyway, it’s very simple. Just lie in bed and plug your ears and breathe naturally. Let’s see if we can get the effect. Remember to come back to comment and tell us after the experiment. In fact, it’s called refining and transforming energy. The word Qi represents the invisible Qi. If you practice this skill, you can turn Yuan Jing into yuan Qi and return to essence to nourish the brain. Therefore, it can not only strengthen the body and prolong life, but also treat premature ejaculation and physiological impulse. However, the method is very simple. The so-called “true transmission of a word, false transmission of thousands of books.”. The real formula is: mouth closed, eyes closed, horizontal, with two index fingers plug two ear holes, to airtight for degree! Don’t plug it heavily or lightly. It’s very airtight and comfortable. Sometimes, when you breathe out from your nose, you can feel your breath go straight to the spring. When you breathe in, don’t worry about it! Once or twice.

after that, it’s natural breathing. Don’t worry about the relaxation and contraction of abdomen and chest! Be natural, don’t hold firmly and look. In three or four minutes, I feel like I’m making fluid in my mouth. I just swallow it. Feel the seminiferous catheter seems tight, very comfortable, can slowly put down two index fingers, quiet and lying. So the accumulation of essence, the body self-health. Before going to bed or getting up, you can learn it. You can also learn it when you are about to take a nap in the middle of the night. It’s easy to practice. And deliberately breathing gas, a half an hour of practice, but practice bad! This step is the secret of the former practitioners! It’s easy to know.

in addition, when you are restless at night, you can learn it at will. Don’t puff up! If there is deviation in practice, correct it according to this method. Strengthening essence and Qi, restoring essence and tonifying brain! The efficacy of the big, than how many ginseng bird’s nest is also strong: can treat premature ejaculation, lack of Qi, physical weakness and other symptoms. I have one year in my 80s this year. In addition to natural gate Qigong, it has a great effect. Focus