Before thyroid cancer comes, you may be informed in time through three signals, and those who miss will regret it

Thyroid health is easy to ignore, especially thyroid cancer. Many people may not be familiar with it. In fact, there are many things in life that can easily lead to thyroid cancer, such as unhealthy diet for a long time, emotional instability for a long time, and regular exposure to some radiation, etc. In fact, thyroid cancer is still relatively high, but the malignant degree of this cancer is relatively small, generally found in the early stage, as long as timely acceptance of formal treatment, the cure rate is quite large, and actively do a good job in prognosis, it is difficult to relapse.

before thyroid cancer comes, which three signals may inform you in time, don’t miss it? The first sign is hoarseness. Many situations in life can lead to hoarseness, such as long-term loud speaking, or serious lack of water in the voice, which are normal phenomena. Generally, after conditioning or a period of rest, the voice can recover as before. But when thyroid cancer comes, hoarseness is hard to relieve. When the tumor grows in the thyroid gland, it will inevitably compress the recurrent laryngeal nerve located in the throat with the increasing volume. At this time, the voice will become hoarse.

so when you have inexplicable hoarseness, after a period of treatment and conditioning, you’d better go to the hospital immediately for examination, which may not be caused by small problems. If thyroid cancer does not hesitate, treat it as soon as possible, control the cancer, and actively carry out treatment, the cure rate is still relatively high.

the second signal is that swallowing becomes difficult. This kind of symptom is more obvious, many people have no way to ignore, because dysphagia will directly make the daily diet become a problem, the cause of this symptom, in fact, may be the thyroid part of the malignant tumor volume in the process of increasing, oppressed the food tube, just like someone in the invisible grasp of their neck in general, when eating, can Obviously, I feel my food stuck in the esophagus, or stagnated, and even couldn’t swallow it in the later stage.

the symptom of dysphagia is very painful, so after this symptom appears, the first time I use the past hospital to check whether my thyroid gland has canceration, because it is possible that the tumor has developed to a certain extent, and if I don’t control it, it will inevitably turn. And if you want to relieve the symptoms of dysphagia, only active treatment, digestion of cancer can restore normal swallowing function.

the third signal is that breathing becomes blocked. When many people have breathing problems, the first thing they think about is their lung health. In fact, in the process of the development of thyroid cancer, sometimes their breathing becomes not so smooth, or even obvious difficulties. At this time, we should be careful. Maybe thyroid cancer has developed to the middle stage, because it is large enough to compress organs and hinder normal breathing.

so if you have shortness of breath, every time you breathe, it’s short. It’s like something is stuck in the trachea, you should be alert whether it’s thyroid cancer. In fact, even if you have occasional dyspnea, you can’t be careless. It’s essential to see a doctor in time and carry out cancer screening. If thyroid cancer, it is necessary to actively carry out treatment, to avoid further development of cancer, aggravating the symptoms of dyspnea.

to sum up, when thyroid cancer appears, the abnormal performance of the body is relatively obvious. The key is to pay attention to this body signal in time, and timely treatment is the key to cure thyroid cancer. PARRENT&CHILDREN