Beijing Consumer Association: teaching and training institutions shall not charge more than three months’ fees at one time

Recently, some out of school education and training institutions have closed down and many consumers have suffered huge losses. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and advocate law-abiding and honest operation of education and training institutions, this morning, the Beijing Consumer Association issued a consumption warning on education and training, reminding consumers that the one-time “tuition payment” time span should not exceed three months. < p > < p > Education and training institutions should operate in good faith and abide by the law, take the initiative to undertake and implement the legal obligations and responsibilities, strictly require themselves in the aspects of teacher recruitment, curriculum design, teaching quality, after-sales service, etc., and consciously put an end to the behavior of damaging consumers’ rights and interests such as false publicity and false promises. < p > < p > Education and training institutions should publicize the charging items and standards to the society, actively accept the supervision, and shall not charge other fees beyond the publicity. Strictly implement the relevant national policies and regulations, and shall not charge fees with a time span of more than three months at a time. The courses that the trainees have not completed shall be handled in strict accordance with the contract and relevant laws and regulations of both parties. Through the establishment of special bank account, guarantee or insurance mechanism, to ensure the safety of consumers’ prepaid expenses. < p > < p > Education and training institutions should aim to satisfy consumers, constantly improve education and training products and services, and constantly improve the sense of responsibility of service personnel. We should establish and smooth channels for consumers to communicate and complain, establish a sound information feedback mechanism, resolve consumption disputes in a timely manner, consciously accept consumer supervision and timely correct, and actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. < / P > < p > when choosing education and training institutions, consumers should pay attention to check whether they have the teaching and training qualifications issued by the education department or the human resources and social security department, select by comparison, query the operation information of the institutions, and understand the operation status of the institutions through the leasing of business places. < / P > < p > consumers should carefully check the contents of the contract terms before paying the fees, and pay special attention to the breach clauses, exemption clauses and other contents. We should not trust the oral commitment of education and training institutions, and implement all the specific requirements into the contract agreement. Try to avoid high one-time payment, and ensure that the one-time payment time span does not exceed 3 months. < / P > < p > consumers should keep relevant evidences including contract text, transaction credentials, communication records and so on. In case of damage to rights and interests, it is necessary to timely collect evidence and negotiate with education and training institutions. If the negotiation fails, they can file a complaint with the local education department or the human resources and social security department, or they can protect their legitimate rights and interests by applying for arbitration or suing in the court. PARRENT&CHILDREN