Beiqing Daily: restricting the freedom of tattoo is a necessary protection for minors

Shengzhou municipal procuratorate of Zhejiang Province has recently issued a proposal on the issue of tattoo for minors, promoting more than 10 local departments to implement the standardized management of tattoo industry, which has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life. Recently, the hospital has carried out assistance education. Among the 39 juveniles involved in the crime, 28 have tattoos. The average age of the first tattoo is 16 years old, and 3 people started tattooing at the age of 13, which shows that the tattoo problem of minors can not be ignored. < p > < p > some minors choose tattoos under the influence of bad social atmosphere, but they don’t know that tattooing will leave a “brand” that is hard to remove on a person’s body, and this “brand” will even last a lifetime. To remove tattoos, the treatment process is not easy. At present, laser treatment is the main way to clean tattoos, which costs a lot and the cleaning effect can not be guaranteed. Moreover, tattoos will also affect the future development of minors, especially restricting their schooling, employment and military participation. Not only that, if tattoo operation is not standardized, it may also bring skin diseases or infectious diseases. Although tattooing has various disadvantages, there are still some minors who are easy to be seduced by others, and they are impulsive to tattoo. In particular, some criminal gangs involved in the underworld and evil even use tattoos as a necessary condition to recruit minors, making tattoos become the “casting name” of some minors “mixed society”. This makes tattoo not only affect the physical health and personal development of teenagers, but also because of the participation of evil forces in society, making the problem of tattooing more complex. For the problem of tattoo of minors, we need to face it squarely. < / P > < p > different from adults, juveniles are immature in mind and may act irrationally due to impulse, not to mention tattoos can cause direct harm to the body. Why students in primary and secondary schools should not strictly abide by the five tattoo society. Legally speaking, minors are persons with no or limited capacity for civil conduct, so it is necessary to restrict their freedom of tattoo. This time, Shengzhou Procuratorate issued procuratorial suggestions on the tattoo problem of minors to the Shengzhou municipal government office: when tattooing, the identity must be checked and the age must be ascertained; the guardian must be present and obtain written consent; the legal risk warning system for tattoo should be established This proposal clarifies the obligation of identity verification and disclosure when tattooing, which is targeted and worthy of affirmation. In order to solve the problem of tattoo for minors, in addition to verifying the identity information of the parties and performing the duty of informing, the relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the tattoo industry. Some experts said that according to relevant laws and regulations, tattoo and tattoo removal projects belong to beauty salon and medical cosmetology industry, and are managed by commercial departments and health departments. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be some problems such as the discrepancy of relevant regulations, unclear law enforcement authority and deviation of responsibility cognition. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the tattoo industry, clear regulatory authorities, plug regulatory loopholes, and guide the tattoo industry into the right track, which is also crucial to solve the problem of tattoo for minors. It is necessary to strengthen the protection of minors to restrict their “freedom of tattoo”, and it can also be taken as an opportunity to regulate and rectify the whole tattoo industry. In addition, in the protection of minors, we need to implement all-round protection, and can not leave any “dead corner”. Considering that tattoo will do harm to the physical and mental health of minors, and even lead them astray, it should be sooner rather than later to restrict minors’ freedom of tattoo. Home