Big announcement! Jiumu 919 bathroom live broadcast Festival

When the second bullet of “Quanmin Tesco” comes, there are many happy events. Recently, at the “2020 China real estate brand value research results release conference and the 17th China Real Estate Brand Development Summit Forum” sponsored by China Top 10 research group, Jiumu won the exclusive title of “national high-end bathroom leader” and “China’s first choice brand of intelligent toilet”, and once again became the only double champion in the kitchen and bathroom industry, which opened the joy for the upcoming feast The prelude to the celebration. < p > < p > on September 19, in line with the original intention of “benefiting the people through science and technology”, Jiumu 919 bathroom live broadcast Festival has a lot of benefits. Five grand gifts, including “4999 free single award”, “499999 yuan Hongqi H9 car purchase subsidy”, “3000 sets of skin moistening flower sprinklers”, will be specially launched The four major links of “patriotism” will create a favorite live broadcast to boost the consumption season of “all Fujian Tesco” to a new climax. < / P > < p > in 2020, despite the sudden epidemic situation, Jiumu still maintained high-quality growth, with the brand value jumping from 28.169 billion in 2019 to 40.265 billion, a sharp increase of 12 billion a year, realizing a leap forward growth. Among them, in the first live show of “all Fujian Tesco” last month, Jiumu kitchen and bathroom set a new sales record of e-commerce live broadcast in the bathroom industry with more than 1 billion sales. During the 919 live broadcast Festival, consumers will visit Jiumu Factory online to see the intelligence, customization center, technology experience center, shower room, hardware and Ceramics Center, etc., so as to have a comprehensive understanding of the world-class Chinese technology and the ingenuity of striving for perfection The four links of “patriotism” will create a feast of love and a splendid feast of technology, which will ignite the whole country. < / P > < p > due to the impact of the epidemic, “health” has become the focus of attention of the whole people, and more intelligent and healthier intelligent toilet has become an important product of family life. Focusing on the needs of consumers, Jiumu will launch the i9pro intelligent sterilization toilet, i4pro magic bubble intelligent toilet and other cutting-edge new products, so that consumers can enjoy the intelligent life and enjoy the most affordable price to protect their health. As a leader in the Pan home furnishing field, Jiumu covers a full range of products including bathroom ceramics, intelligent kitchen and bathroom, cabinet furniture, hardware faucets, kitchen and bathroom hardware. In this live broadcast Festival, Jiumu will also present you with light intelligent, more healthy love home suite and whole house customized service, four touch-free systems, enabling “love home” with technological innovation. < p > < p > in the past 30 years, Jiumu group has always carried out the responsibility of national brand, paid long-term attention to solving the problems of national water and toilet sanitation, and actively engaged in social public welfare undertakings. On September 19, Jiumu will invite a group of public welfare witnesses to come into the live broadcasting room, blow the clarion call of “saving water”, “protecting the environment” and “clean China”, and advocate the public welfare plan of water saving in primary and secondary schools across the country, and jointly protect the environment. < p > < p > “Guochao power is the power of Chinese brands”. Jiumu explores the treasure of Chinese traditional culture, and leads the quality consumption into the new era of national tide with the ingenuity inherited for thousands of years and the technology and design leading the industry. In order to meet the bathroom needs of many fans of ancient architecture and Chinese wind lovers, Jiumu Guochao series products will also come out at the 919 bathroom live broadcast Festival, so as to let Guochao quality and health technology enter thousands of households. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Jiumu launched the “499999 yuan Hongqi H9 car purchase subsidy” in this live broadcast, with unprecedented strength! Jiumu and Hongqi are the first national sanitary brand in China focusing on the high-end bathroom field, and the “originator of domestic automobile” with national feelings. They lead the new fashion of the times with the world-class scientific and technological strength and design standards. They are worthy of the national trend brands. This 919 sanitary ware live broadcast festival will certainly let the national brand gather the global vision, creates the sales brilliance again, let us look forward to together! HEALTHY LIFE