Bitten by an unknown insect, a British woman has eight operations a week

[Global Times reporter Fan Chen] a 27 year old British woman was bitten by a carnivorous bug recently, causing serious bacterial infection on her skin and even life-threatening. She had eight operations a week to remove the infected skin.

according to the British report on the 20th, the woman’s name is Rhea Weber and she is from Bristol, a city in the southwest of the UK. Not long ago, her thigh was suddenly bitten by an insect. At first, she didn’t care. After about five hours, she felt that her whole leg began to hurt fiercely, and some of her skin began to turn black. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The doctor told her that she had necrotizing fasciitis, a rare and serious bacterial infection. The doctor also said that if she went to the hospital a few hours later, she might die. After eight surgeries and six weeks in hospital, Ryan Webb was allowed to leave the hospital, but she hasn’t recovered yet. “I still need to stay in bed for several weeks and learn to walk again. I still feel weak in both legs, very weak,” she said CUISINE&HEALTH