Black head squeeze 1, leave 1 hole? Simple 3 steps easy to blackhead, nose slippery to boyfriend want to rub

And blackhead, it is refreshing and clean enemy, even if the facial features again good-looking, skin again white, but as long as the nose is full of blackhead, it will give people a greasy feeling, face value instant landslide. < / P > < p > acne, the predecessor of blackhead acne, is the excess oil secreted by hair follicles. When the cleaning is not complete, a lot of bacteria and dust adhere to the acne, and then through oxygen, it forms acne. < / P > < p > if the blackhead is not cleaned for a long time, the pores will be blocked, the pores will become thicker and the skin will become worse and worse. So, little brothers and sisters, we can’t turn a blind eye to blackheads, but we can see each other and kill each other! < / P > < p > Xiaomi, I have blackheads myself. I tried to squeeze them by hand before. As a result, there are many holes left. The pores become thicker and thicker, and the longer the blackheads are, the more the blackheads are My heart is filled to ten thousand.

it is the national skin care brand, and the tea tree goes to the black head box. With it, it can’t go to the beauty salon, and every time it takes 3 steps to fix the strawberry nose at home, it’s super convenient. The main component of

‘s black tea essence is European tea tree essential oil. It is very precious. Only 1 kilograms of essential oil can be extracted from 100 kilograms. < / P > < p > contains a variety of effective components, can inhibit 80 kinds of bacteria, super osmotic absorption and deep adsorption, smooth pores, super ability, can also discharge oil. < / P > < p > the essential step after cleaning is to astringe pores. It also adds Saussurea stem cells, medicinal pore bacteria extract and hamamelis in North America, which can better shrink pores, control oil, moisturizing and relieve inflammation. < / P > < p > twice a week, the nose is easy to clean, and there is no need to go to the beauty salon. After using a box, you touch your nose again, the sense of particles becomes less, the nose is fresh and clean, and becomes slippery.

Bai TSE Si tea tree goes to the black head essence box, 3 steps easy to go black head, the nose feels slippery and tender, looks like the skin is exquisite. Click on the picture to buy, get rid of the dirty black head= target=_ blank>08/16/2020