Blood vessel hardens, but you don’t know? A small problem with thread recognition, early detection of arteriosclerosis

One of the typical symptoms of atherosclerosis is that it can affect people’s memory, making people’s memory decline. If you always forget something recently, or even the thing you just took over, turn your head and forget it. Don’t think it is because you are too tired at this time. You should look for the reason behind it. Maybe it is the arrival of arteriosclerosis.

this kind of symptom is more common in the elderly, and arteriosclerosis will affect their mobility. The ability to move is affected, coupled with the decline of memory and thinking ability, there will be slow-moving performance. Recently, I’ve been doing everything slowly. I feel very slow. It’s not as sharp as before. I have to be alert enough. The elderly at home have this symptom, so we should take the elderly to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.
is a kind of neurasthenia and neurasthenia. If you always feel very excited recently, always feel very nervous, accompanied by pain and dizziness, and sleep at night is very bad, as soon as there is movement, you should be careful with these symptoms, which may be caused by arteriosclerosis.

arteriosclerosis will make blood vessels narrow. Vascular problems will cause cerebral cortex dysfunction and autonomic nerve dysfunction, which will affect people’s mood. If you always feel inexplicably irritable, always angry for some small things, sleepy during the day, and can’t sleep at night, these are the precursors of arteriosclerosis, we have to find out the real culprit and solve it.

patients with arteriosclerosis also have the symptoms of numbness in the early stage. Sometimes they have numbness on one side of the body, sometimes on the whole body. Most of them are numbness on one side. In addition to body numbness, if the hands and feet feel weak, move a little laborious, and feel abnormal, this time should also be considered, because this is also a precursor of atherosclerosis.

headache is a typical symptom of arteriosclerosis. Most patients with arteriosclerosis will feel headache at the early stage. The headache caused by arteriosclerosis is dull and painful, and the head is stuffy. At the same time, seeing things is also affected. Obviously, the eyesight is good, but things are fuzzy, and the hearing will also be affected. Sometimes there will be tinnitus and can’t hear clearly. Many people don’t take headache as one thing, but this is not a small thing. If you feel headache and have the above symptoms, you should go to the hospital for detailed examination as soon as possible.

the above are the symptoms of arteriosclerosis. I hope you can take good care of your blood vessel health and correct all your bad habits. Otherwise, it will be too late to regret when an accident happens. These symptoms should be kept in mind and should be checked in time to the hospital. Focus