Both husband and wife found out liver cancer, cry! Don’t do one thing every day before going to bed

Xiaonan and Zhang Lin are a couple born in the 1990s. They have known each other since they were in college. They have been married for about two years. < / P > < p > half a year ago, Xiaonan found that her skin was not as good as before, the color was very waxy yellow, and there were many small red spots on Zhang Lin’s body. They thought it was not a big problem, because it was not painful. < / P > < p > but in the last two months, both of them had abdominal pain and often had diarrhea. Xiaonan’s symptoms were mild. They thought they had eaten something bad, but they didn’t get better after taking antidiarrheal drugs for a few days, so they came to the hospital for examination. < / P > < p > after getting the results, the doctor told him that the liver area was abnormal and suggested further examination. After detailed examination, Zhang Lin and Xiao Nan were found to have 495ug / L alpha fetoprotein and 435ug / L alpha fetoprotein. Both of them were diagnosed with liver cancer. They were like five thunderbolts, crying bitterly! < / P > < p > it turns out that Zhang Lin is a DJ in the bar, while Xiao Nan works as a bartender in the bar. Every day when she comes back home, Xiao Nan will make all kinds of wine for them to try. They like drinking very much, so they can’t control themselves and sometimes get drunk. < / P > < p > alcohol contains a lot of ethanol. After the human body ingests ethanol, it needs our “metabolic factory” – liver to decompose and metabolize, and acetaldehyde is produced in this process. < / P > < p > acetaldehyde has great damage to the liver, which can easily lead to liver tissue sclerosis, fibrosis, and even partial liver tissue necrosis, and eventually lead to the emergence of liver cancer. < / P > < p > estrogen stimulates the capillaries greatly, which will make the smaller blood vessels in our body dilate excessively and cause internal congestion. This is the formation process of spider nevus. < / P > < p > in patients with liver cancer, there will be tumor in the liver, and the tumor will continue to grow. If it is beyond the range of the liver capsule, there will be obvious pain involved, and even the liver capsule will be broken. < / P > < p > the liver and gallbladder are connected, and the liver can promote the secretion of bile. If the liver is damaged, the secretion of bile will be affected to some extent, and the secretion may be too small. < p > < p > academician Tang ZHAOYOU of hepatobiliary department thinks: exercise is good for the liver. First of all, it can promote the faster excretion of endotoxin in the liver and prevent the accumulation of toxins. < / P > < p > however, exercise should not be excessive, just choose some aerobic exercise, such as broadcast gymnastics, jogging, walking, etc., 20-40 minutes each time. < p > < p > Xu Shanshan, director of the first hospital of Harbin, pointed out: drink more water when you have nothing to do, which can timely supplement the lost body fluid and accelerate the excretion of liver toxins. < p > < p > in the north of Henan Province, Huaiqing Prefecture in ancient times was the rich place of Yuntai ice chrysanthemum, a subspecies of Huaiju. Flavonoids, selenium, choline and other elements beneficial to liver health are its main components, so it is known as “chrysanthemum aristocrat”. < / P > < p > the liver is a “night owl”, mainly in the evening detoxification work, long-term stay up late, will lead to liver endotoxin can not be normal discharge, induce liver disease. < p > < p > References: [1] Li Tianzhen. How does alcohol harm the liver [J]. Academic research, 2012, 23:46-49 [2] Ge Liangming. What are the signs of liver lesions in the early stage [H]. Henan: Henan Medical University Press, 2017:36. [3] Liang Shiji. The importance of liver to human body [y]. Medical journal, 2003-4-8. < a] href= target=_ blank>08/16/2020