Brain infarction “fierce as a tiger”, regardless of men and women, these four kinds of food, advise you to touch as little as possible

In order to prevent cerebral infarction, the right diet should be used to maintain the smooth flow of blood vessels. The formation of cerebral infarction in many people is related to the blockage and stenosis of cerebral blood vessels. The brain can not maintain normal function. After the blockage of blood vessels, the blood transportation will be affected. In the state of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, the important tissues and nerve functions of the brain will be impaired, which may lead to cerebral infarction. Therefore, it is necessary to know which types of food are harmful to the normal function of blood vessels, and to reduce the incidence of cerebral infarction by keeping away from them in time.

in order to effectively prevent cerebral infarction, try to eat less high-temperature fried food in the process of diet. After high-temperature frying, the nutritional value of the food itself will be reduced, and harmful substances will be produced in the high-temperature environment. Excessive intake is not conducive to the smooth flow of blood vessels. The reason why many people are obese, easy to get angry, blood viscosity increases, and do not pay attention to diet health is closely related, like to eat French fries, fried chicken wings, these types of fried food to get too much is not conducive to vascular smooth. Therefore, we should pay attention to this problem in the process of caring for blood vessels, and maintain the healthy state of the brain by eating the right way.

in order to prevent cerebral infarction, we should try our best to eat less alcoholic food. We would rather be hungry than get these alcoholic food often. Many people ignore the stimulation of alcohol, which is not good for their health. They often get a lot of food containing alcohol. Too much alcohol can not only reduce the function of liver cells, but also stimulate blood vessels. Many people’s high blood pressure and blood viscosity are related to excessive alcohol intake. Therefore, in the process of keeping away from cerebral infarction and maintaining vascular health, it is better to eat less alcohol food.

in order to maintain normal vascular function, do not get a large amount of high sugar food during the diet. Many people like to eat all kinds of sweets, and they also like to add white granulated sugar in the process of cooking food. However, excessive sugar acquisition not only accelerates the aging of the body, but also increases the blood sugar.

when the blood glucose rises to a certain extent, the function of blood vessels will also decline when stimulated by hyperglycemia. After the lesion, the brain is in a state of ischemia and hypoxia, and nutrients cannot be obtained in time to maintain normal brain function, which will also increase the prevalence of cerebral infarction. Therefore, in the process of active prevention of cerebral infarction, sugar intake should be reasonably controlled, and reducing the intake of high sugar food is the key to maintain normal vascular function.

don’t want to have cerebral infarction. Try to eat less fat rich food during the diet. Many people always like to eat fat meat. Although fat meat is delicious and full, eating a lot of fat meat will also threaten their health. Fat meat contains a lot of fat and cholesterol. If they get a lot of fat meat, the level of serum cholesterol and triglyceride will rise, and the fat material in the body will accumulate, which may threaten their health.

in order to avoid this situation, we should reduce the amount of fat in the process of maintaining vascular health, and choose light and appropriate meat food to provide nutrients, which is the key to maintain normal vascular function. 08/16/2020