Brain neuroscientists: intelligence quotient is related to birth weight. The closer a newborn is to this number, the wiser he is

Studies have shown that 60% – 80% of children’s intelligence depends on their parents’ inheritance. The correlation between children’s intelligence and their parents is 0.443 and 0.411 respectively. In the group of Baoma, two Baoma argued endlessly yesterday. The public said that the public was right, and the mother-in-law was reasonable. They both said that their children were the smartest and had a heated argument. Other precious mothers only dared to dive quietly, and no one dared to stand in line blindly. < p > < p > the reason is that a Baoma Ma a said: “my child was born with nine kilograms, and I was tired after two days and two nights of natural childbirth. It’s all because of the nutrition during pregnancy. My child must be the most intelligent.” < p > < p > another treasure mother B couldn’t look down and said, “American brain neuroscientists have said that a child with a birth weight of 7 Jin is the most intelligent, while the one with high weight is not < p > < p > this annoyed Baoma A. when two people were in the group, you and I talked a lot, which probably meant that their children were the most intelligent. < p > < p > it was not until the group leader banned the two precious mothers that the group finally stopped for a while. At this time, the group leader, as a peacemaker, came out to save the field and said, “the IQ of a child mainly depends on heredity. The mother is smart, and the child can’t be wrong in any weight!” < / P > < p > as long as we talk about children’s intelligence quotient, we always want to prove that our children are the most intelligent. In this mood, almost every mother is the same. Everyone thinks that their children are the most intelligent. American brain neuroscientists have found that birth intelligence is related to birth weight. The closer the birth weight is to 3.6kg, the higher the birth IQ. If the birth weight is lower than 3.6kg, the intelligence and weight of the child are positively correlated. On the contrary, if the birth weight is higher than 4kg, the greater the weight, the lower the intelligence. < / P > < p > at first glance, this conclusion is a bit absurd, but in fact, it is reasonable. When children are born, their brain accounts for 1 / 4 of the whole body. The heavier the brain is, the larger the brain capacity is, and the higher the child’s IQ is. < / P > < p > however, the maximum value is about 4kg. If a child weighs more than 4kg, the proportion of the brain occupying the whole body will be reduced. The extra weight of the child grows on the body, but the brain capacity has no advantage. < / P > < p > the intelligence of a child is determined by many factors. The diet, work and rest after birth will also affect the child’s intellectual development. Before birth, these factors are mainly related to whether the child’s brain is smart or not. < / P > < p > tiger father has no dog and son. Parents’ IQ is high, so children’s IQ doesn’t need to worry. Genetics itself tends to give birth and nurture, making children’s intelligence higher. During pregnancy, high-quality nutrients such as DHA and DHA will not be delivered to the baby through the placenta. < p > < p > Taibao’s hearing is generally formed from 16 weeks. Baoma’s mothers can start to try fetal education after 4-5 months of pregnancy, listen to some melodious music, and keep happy, which is helpful for the child’s physical and brain development. < p > < p > generally, folic acid content in the blood of expectant mothers will increase significantly after 3-4 months of folic acid supplementation. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement folic acid during pregnancy preparation. < p > < p > DHA is closely related to the intelligence of the fetus. After the baby is born, Baoma adopts breast-feeding, which can also supplement enough DHA for the baby. It is suggested that pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy should eat fish and nuts appropriately, reduce the intake of saturated fat, and try to eat less fried food and high sugar food. In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, it is necessary to ensure the uniform change of weight to avoid high birth weight. < p > < p > we are always used to praising people for their intelligence, but seldom for their efforts. It seems that only cleverness is the best. In fact, no matter whether the children are born smart or not, in the day after tomorrow’s learning, children can also enrich their experience and live a wonderful life. Information sharing for epilepsy patients