Britain will test the inhalation new crown vaccine: spray the vaccine directly into the import.

The safety and efficacy of this new method of spraying the vaccine to the respiratory tract in two ways will be verified in the UK.

Imperial College London said in a statement 14, the test personnel will spray the vaccine into the subjects’ mouth, directly acting on the respiratory tract, testing the safety and effectiveness. Christopher Chiu, an expert in infectious diseases at Imperial College of technology, who conducted the inhalation clinical trial, said that influenza vaccine injected from the nasal cavity has been proved to be effective, and it is necessary to study whether the new crown vaccine can also work directly on the respiratory tract. Compared with the systemic immune response induced by intramuscular injection, injection of the new crown vaccine into the respiratory tract may trigger local and more specific immune responses, the statement said. In addition, according to previous studies, the dose of vaccine required to initiate an immune response is smaller than that of an intramuscular injection. < / P > < p > researchers are recruiting 30 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 55. The trial is due to start in London in a few weeks. 08/16/2020