Brush your teeth once a day in the morning and evening, and stick to it

For each of us, oral health is extremely important, because “disease comes from the mouth”. If the oral cavity does not maintain a healthy and healthy state, it will lead to the invasion of many bacteria, and then endanger human health. The first step to protect oral health is to keep oral hygiene, that is, to brush teeth frequently. People with poor stomach and intestines are often prone to stomach pain, indigestion and bloating, and are prone to the problem of Helicobacter pylori, which often lurks in people’s oral cavity. Even if it has been killed in the stomach, it may invade our stomach again because of not paying attention to when eating or drinking water, thus harming the gastrointestinal health. However, if the habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening is formed, the residual bacteria in the mouth can be effectively reduced, thus reducing and alleviating the discomfort symptoms in the stomach. Brush your teeth once a day in the morning and at night. Before you know it, you may gain the following benefits. The benefits of < / P > < p > may be questioned by many people, but it is. Because not brushing teeth will lead to oral bacteria, and this bacteria is accompanied by meals, drinking water into the body, and its stay in the lung for more than an hour, which is very easy to cause lung bacterial infection, and then lead to the occurrence of pneumonia. Therefore, brushing teeth can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of pulmonary infection. < / P > < p > the bacteria on teeth may enter the blood of human body with the behavior of eating and drinking water. When the blood system reaches the gastrointestinal tract, it may cause bacterial infection and even cause malignant transformation of tumors in the body. Brushing teeth once a day in the morning and evening can prevent the bacteria and carcinogens from entering the body, thus preventing the occurrence of such diseases as rectal cancer. < / P > < p > relevant studies have found that the clearance of dental calculus and the treatment of periodontal disease can significantly reduce the fibrinogen and C-reactive protein in the body, which can increase the risk of heart disease, in addition, dental disease will also increase the coefficient of stroke. Therefore, brushing teeth once in the morning and evening can promote oral hygiene and health, reduce the occurrence of dental diseases, and effectively prevent stroke and heart disease. Brush teeth with warm water. Cold water brushing can cause pain and sensitivity of teeth. Therefore, it is best to brush teeth with warm water, which can reduce the stimulation of teeth and protect the health of teeth. < / P > < p > 3. A large number of people are always used to brushing their teeth horizontally, which is actually not right. It is very easy to have problems of teeth cleaning not in place, and may even cause gum damage and tooth sensitivity. Therefore, the correct way to brush teeth should be vertical brush. Change toothbrush frequently. Usually, it is better to replace the toothbrush after two to three months. Otherwise, it will only lead to more bacteria breeding and harm oral health. To sum up, oral health is extremely important for us. Brushing teeth once in the morning and evening can effectively prevent the growth and invasion of bacteria, thus helping to reduce the risk of various diseases and protect health. But at the same time, we should also pay attention to the fact that brushing teeth is not only a word of “brush”, but also a scientific, reasonable and correct way to effectively protect oral health. Focus