Bulgarian women’s lips for the 21st time

Two weeks ago, a Bulgarian woman underwent the 21st hyaluronic acid lip filling operation in order to make her lips bigger and have the largest lips in the world. The woman, Andrea emilova Ivanova, is a 22-year-old philosophy student from Sofia. < / P > < p > Andrea is addicted to plump lips, completely ignoring the doctor’s advice, and plump her lips to four times the original size. In order to enrich her lips, she spent a lot of money injecting hyaluronic acid into her lips. It’s a natural substance in the body. Andrea shared her sausage mouth with more than 60000 fans on instagram. < / P > < p > Andrea explained: “two weeks ago, I had my 21st operation because I wanted to keep my lips the size of my lips and make them look bigger. Every few months, hyaluronic acid is broken down in the body, so I need to inject hyaluronic acid regularly to make my lips look bigger. ” Andrea has injected so much hyaluronic acid into her lips that her upper lip almost touches her nose. < / P > < p > Andrea also said, “my doctor is worried about me. He thinks it’s dangerous to have too much hyaluronic acid in my lips, and it’s dangerous to inject it so frequently. He also thinks my lips are too big, so he wants to remove all the hyaluronic acid from my lips, so my new lips will be smaller and have different shapes. But I resolutely refused, telling him that I would continue to make my lips bigger. So far, there have been no side effects or complications < / P > < p > Andrea spends 135 pounds for every lip augmentation operation. Twenty one operations have cost 2835. She said she didn’t remember how much hyaluronic acid she had injected into her lips. Andrea had her first lip augmentation operation in 2018. She said that over the years, she has been praised by countless fans for her sausage mouth, but also hated by many people. CUISINE&HEALTH