Campylobacter found in lunch of more than 100 teachers and students in a Japanese primary school with fever and diarrhea

A collective food poisoning incident occurred in Tokyo’s Nakano No. 1 primary school on the 29th local time, with 105 students and staff suffering from fever and diarrhea after eating lunch provided by the school. After investigation, the local health department found Campylobacter in the lunch chicken. A total of 103 students, a male teacher and a female worker in charge of cooking lunch developed fever and diarrhea from October 12 to 22 in the school, Japan reported on the 29th. < / P > < p > after testing, the local health department found that Campylobacter was found in the chicken provided on the 13th and 14th. However, since some people had symptoms before the 13th, the specific source of infection still needs to be further investigated. The local health authorities also asked the school to stop serving lunch for a week from the 29th, during which students will only attend classes in the morning. HEALTHY LIFE