Can chemotherapy make people walk faster? Doctor: the three advantages of chemotherapy are rarely known by patients

Chemotherapy is a treatment method often used by cancer patients. Some cancer patients feel that chemotherapy has no effect, and the treatment cost is too expensive. Long term treatment not only does not have good health, but also accelerates the speed of death and wastes money. Can chemotherapy really make people walk faster? Many patients are afraid of chemotherapy, to a large extent is afraid of no effect, but also aggravate the disease, in fact, this is mainly the side effects of chemotherapy, which will lead to a very large number of people in serious condition. < / P > < p > in fact, with the progress of clinical medicine, chemotherapy drugs are changing, and the side effects of chemotherapy are also reducing. And a large number of clinical data show that chemotherapy can prolong the survival of cancer patients, which is very helpful for the treatment of cancer. Treatment and control: some tumors have not been completely deteriorated in the early stage, and can be cured after surgery combined with chemotherapy. And some malignant tumors are more sensitive to chemical drugs. Through chemotherapy, cancer cells can be well controlled and killed, which is of great help to cancer. So the doctor will choose whether to let the patient do chemotherapy treatment according to the patient’s condition. < / P > < p > 2, improve the quality of life of patients: after many cancer patients get sick, because of the invasion of cancer cells, there will be pain in the tumor site and surrounding tissues and organs, through chemotherapy, reduce the generation of cancer cells, so as to alleviate the pain caused by the disease. And some cancers can be significantly improved by chemotherapy, so as to reduce the pain of patients, and the quality of life will also be improved. < / P > < p > 3, delay death: after cancer surgery, many patients may have recurrence or metastasis, through chemotherapy, can be very good to inhibit and kill cancer cells, so as to improve the survival rate of patients, the maximum extension of the life of patients. < / P > < p > and some patients with advanced cancer, surgical treatment is difficult to play a big role, and may increase the pain of patients, promote the aggravation of the disease, and choose the way of chemotherapy, can be appropriate to eliminate the cancer cells, but also give patients a hope, alleviate the mood of patients with complete cancer, promote the desire of patients to survive, conducive to the treatment of the disease, so as to improve the quality of life The most important thing is to prolong the life of patients. < / P > < p > although chemotherapy is very helpful for the treatment of cancer, and it also has a good effect on cancer patients, it is suggested that whether chemotherapy is needed after suffering from cancer depends on the specific physical condition and the degree of illness, such as patients with low immunity. Some patients have not recovered after cancer surgery, and their immunity is low. At this time, if chemotherapy is used, they should be treated Our body can not bear the side effects of chemotherapy, so it is easy to have many chemotherapy reactions. If it is serious, it will increase the growth rate of cancer cells. < / P > < p > therefore, if the immunity is low, chemotherapy can be carried out after the body recovers. There are also some patients who have been treated with chemotherapy for many times, but their condition is still not improved. Even if the chemotherapy drugs are changed, there is still no change, which may be caused by the ignorance of chemotherapy. Therefore, it is not recommended for such patients to receive chemotherapy again. < / P > < p > because different cancer diseases have different treatment plans, and some patients are easy to get worse if they are forced to do chemotherapy because the situation at that time is not suitable. Therefore, patients must choose to receive treatment in a large regular hospital, and the doctor will give you the most suitable treatment for your physical condition. 08/17/2020