Can high myopia do laser myopic operation?

In the laser myopia surgery, high myopia is a special existence. They have higher myopia and thicker lenses. With more and more myopia undergoing laser surgery, they also want to know whether they can do laser surgery. < p > < p > adult myopia is greater than or equal to 600 degrees, commonly known as high myopia. In fact, high myopia can do laser surgery, not only by the degree of decision. Generally speaking, the degree of myopia corrected by laser surgery is no more than 1200 degrees. If the degree is beyond this degree, ICL lens implantation can be considered. < / P > < p > to remind you, it is not necessary to have an operation if you meet the requirements. Whether it is laser surgery or ICL, you must first go to the ophthalmology department for detailed eye examination, and the examination results show that you can operate only if you meet the requirements. < / P > < p > first of all, you should review regularly and follow the doctor’s advice. Every myopic who has finished myopic surgery should go to the hospital for reexamination the next day, one week, one month, three months, half a year after the operation. During the recovery period of operation, prevent dirty water from entering the eyes. Do not swim for half a year and dive for one year. Secondly, high myopia should be protected. High myopia eyes are relatively prone to eye disease, whether you do myopia surgery or not, you should pay attention to let the eyes avoid collision or accidental injury. High myopia is also not suitable for bungee jumping, diving, boxing and other violent activities. The patients with high myopia can still have clear naked vision after surgery. However, myopia surgery can not change the risk of eye disease, especially for ultra-high myopia. It is recommended to form a good habit of regular eye examination. 2